288 adverbs to describe how to watched

Kaviak, with streaming eyes and quivering lips, reluctantly handed it over, and watched Mac anxiously till overwhelmed by a yet greater misfortune in the shape of a bath for himself.

Silently, intently, I watched this horrible creature, and forgot my fear, momentarily, in my interest in its movements.

" Watching narrowly its effect he swung off into one of the genuine old crooning voodoo songs, once so common down South, now so rarely heard.

Most of the midshipmen stood at the rail, watching eagerly for a better glimpse at the coast.

" As she spoke she caught Gifford's eye; he was watching her keenly, more closely perhaps than manners or tact warranted.

It seemed to the girls, who were curiously watching the scene, that the tramp flushed under his bronzed skin; but without reply he searched in a pocket and drew out four copper cents, which he laid upon the table.

Silently, intently, I watched this horrible creature, and forgot my fear, momentarily, in my interest in its movements.

After the third or fourth time Kazan stretched himself out on his belly a few feet away and watched the proceedings attentively.

We were proud lads that day, for it seemed as if every officer and soldier in the fort was eager to give us some word of praise, and those with whom we had served watched jealously when our equipment was being selected from the plunder of the British camp, lest we might not get the best of everything.

Under the shadow of the wide brim furtively he watched the girl.

Benham sat and idly watched preparations for the next course.

As I sped across the dividing dark, I watched, steadily, the ever-growing brightness and size of our sun.

The girls watched her breathlessly and sighed with relief when she drew out the checks.

They watched patiently for the boats.

What about you, Lord Bob?" "I'll stand by, with you, Lady Mountstuart," said he, his nice though not very clever face more anxious-looking than I had ever seen it, his blue, wide-apart eyes watching me rather wistfully.

Calmly they watched the terrible preparations,Contrecoeur, Dumas, and all the others,and not one raised a hand to rescue those unhappy men, or uttered a word to mitigate their torture.

So often did the bearers pause to look on her beauty that it was found necessary to drape the countenance entirely, until reaching the closed sedan in which, vigilantly watched by the Bonze, she was transported to the Imperial palace.

After this the Old-Countrymen among the prisoners, who had taken the oath and enlisted in the garrison, were disarmed and confined, while the rest were more strictly watched.

And after you had punctured him you had no chance to send home the finishing shot?" Donnegan merely watched the colonel and tapped his bony finger against the point of his chin.

"Coming along, Bluff?" asked Jerry, watching the other covertly.

His confidence that the waiter would return struck me as extremely curious; nevertheless I possessed myself in patience, strolled up and down the restaurant, and then stood watching the traffic in the Grove outside.

Leaning back with his hands clasped about his knees, he lazily watched Little John rolling a stout bowstring from long strands of hempen thread, wetting the palms of his hands ever and anon, and rolling the cord upon his thigh.

" Prospero kept Ferdinand not long confined within the cell: he soon brought out his prisoner, and set him a severe task to perform, taking care to let his daughter know the hard labour he had imposed on him, and then pretending to go into his study he secretly watched them both.

My father was watching me thoughtfully.

The Indians followed us pretty close, and were continually watching for an opportunity to get a good range and give us a raking fire.

288 adverbs to describe how to  watched  - Adverbs for  watched