28 adverbs to describe how to waver

The man began to tremble; the hands on his gun shook so that the weapon veered and wavered uncertainly.

Klok-No-Ton rumbled, wavering perceptibly from doubt of his reception.

Ralston was in the passage, behind him she saw lights strangely wavering and other faces.

He plainly wavered.

They wavered feebly, and he became convinced that the hand was immaterial, that it was unattached to any body.

It was big and indistinct, and wavered curiously, as though the shadow of a vast spider hung suspended in the air, just beyond the barrier.

Furthermore, he wavered when he tried to walk, and was glad to subside into a chair to which the woman guided him.

" She spoke slowly, impressively, her eyes never wavering from mine.

Between these powerful rivals, Edward the Confessor, a pacific, pious, gentle, and undecided king, wavered incessantly; at one time trying to resist, and at another compelled to yield to the pretensions and seditions by which he was beset.

And involuntarily my hand wavered to my heart.

" Lightly as Beauchene spoke, his eyes even then wavered, and his face remained for a moment clouded.

The one said: "If you waver ever so little, I will push you downward if it should cost me my whole fortune.

Every portion of the vast arch was momentarily wavering, trembling, and changing colour, and the brilliant streamers which fringed its edge swept back and forth in great curves, like the fiery sword of the angel at the gate of Eden.

Gravitation would presently pull down my shoulders, my face would flaunt "the wrinkled spoils of age", my voice would waver ominously, and I should forfeit the dignities befitting even this decay by still playing childish games of belief with some foolish dog.

His head is troubled with a palsy, which renders it perpetually wavering and incapable of rest.

But I was startled by her face now; it was white and strained, and emotion wavered pitifully over it.

In Thompson's hand a large, businesslike gun wavered portentously from one head to the other.

It is longer, weaker, and tamer, than any of Mr. Wordsworth's other productions; with less boldness of originality, and less even of that extreme simplicity and lowliness of tone which wavered so prettily, in the Lyrical Ballads, between silliness and pathos.

Secondly, he had wavered between the attitudes of the trader and the long term investor, ignoring the safeguards of each approach.

Eight hands wavered skyward.

Did they all regard her as an amiable lunaticeven little, lovely, friendly Rosemary, wavering sleepily at her side?

Unchallenged, the Hakka boat flitted past the lights of a war-junk, so close that the curved lantern-ribs flickered thin and sharp against a smoky gleam, and tawny faces wavered, thick of lip and stolid of eye, round the supper fire.

At this period of his life, meditation and study resulted in a firm religious faith, which never wavered afterward.

"It was answered by all the guns on board the enemy craft and the single-seater wavered undecidedly.

For a moment of despairing shock, before the storm broke, Lenore blindly wavered there, unable to move from the spot that had seen the beginning and the end of her brief hour of love.

28 adverbs to describe how to  waver  - Adverbs for  waver