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3280 adverbs to describe how to  were  - Adverbs for  were

3280 adverbs to describe how to were

The first day was merely an official opening of the Congressevery one in uniformbut only for that occasion.

The nights were so much lighter, that the stars were scarcely to be seen, saving here and there an occasional hair-like line of fire, that seemed to sway a little, with the moon.

It was undoubtedly a portion of some ruined building; yet now I made out that it was not built upon the edge of the chasm itself, as I had at first supposed; but perched almost at the extreme end of a huge spur of rock that jutted out some fifty or sixty feet over the abyss.

He was most dictatorial, occupied himself with every detail,was consequently an excellent director.

The dictionary definition of a word can seldom be the real one, nor does it reveal the deeper sense it has.

But the Talthybius [Footnote: Talthybius was a herald, and nuntius is obviously a gloss on this.

Fortunately, I am accustomed to live, in some ways, an active life.

A baby's care does not stop on the Sabbath, and the average mother is practically on duty, at least over-seeing, day and night, twenty-four hours out of the twenty-four, from one end of the year to the other, no matter how many maids and nurses she may have in her employ!

He reassured them, told them Grevy was essentially a man of peace, and, as long as moderate men like W., Leon Say, and their friends remained in office, things would go quietly.

The Doctor was plainly at the end of his practical resources.

These things are right, but are mainly accessory.

This is commonly a very interesting event in the life of a youth, as it reminds him that he is drawing near the period of manhood, and leaves him more a master of his actions.

Henceforth, when she speaks, down fall toads and snakes her words are cold as she is, they may glitter but they sting.

Happily it was a beautiful warm day, as all the guests invited by the marshal and the Government were seated on a platform outside the Trocadero building.

Twice a year, in April and August, W. went to Laon for his Conseil-General, over which he presided, but he was rarely able to stay all through the session.

Nowadays if husbands and wives don't occasionally go to the same parties they have hardly any opportunity of meeting at all; that's what I always say.

Yet insignificant as he assuredly is, he cannot put pen to paper without a feeling that millions of eyes are fixed upon him...." Leigh Hunt, says Blackwood, "is a man of extravagant pretensions ... exquisitely bad taste and extremely vulgar modes of thinking."

Sure, he'll be missin' that grass.

The outer rails are literally on the edge of the wood, and no more secluded spot can be imagined than thisthe favourite residence of their Majesties.

He was our colleague afterward in London, and there was always a little constraint and coolness in his manner.

Nor can we hand down to others one atom which was not long ere we were born.

and, upon being answered in the negative, eyed the young man sternly, and said that appearances were decidedly against him.

In a little while, a cold blast struck me, and I was outside in the night, floating, like a bubble, up through the darkness.

Inside, all was blackness, impalpable.

That made an immense difference, for he was positively capable of seeing (and with sympathy) from the husband's point of view.

His views were utterly unworldly and opposed to those generally held, but they were in the main right.

The Right whale, though many people make Light of it, is unquestionably the heaviest of living creatures.

And that's precisely what perplexes me.

Secondly, it must be a settlement which a responsible German government can sign in the belief that it can fulfil the obligations it incurs.

This question is purely personaljust between ourselves.

I was unaware of any great sense of impatience; though some curiosity and a vast wonder were with me continually.

The sound is invariably on the note F in the first space.

The doctor won; my mind was not strictly on the game.

W.'s personal friends were principally Orleanists and the literary element of Parishis colleagues at the Institute.

Lastly, Mr. Grice was not a gentleman.

"Furthermore, I'm pretty well off.

CHAPTER XVI OF THE RUEFUL KNIGHT OF THE BURNING HEART Southward marched Beltane hour after hour, tireless of stride, until the sun began to decline; on and on, thoughtful of brow and speaking not at all, wherefore the three were gloomy and silent alsoeven Giles had no mind to break in upon his solemn meditations.

But now Sir Robert rode forward: "Greeting, lord Seneschal!" said he, "you come betimes, messire, though not over hastily, methinks!" "Forsooth," quoth the figure, his voice booming in his great war-helm, "forsooth and verily there be three things no man should leave in haste: videlicit and to wit: his prayers, his dinner and his lady.

It may very likely have been true, but not more marked with him than with the generality of Anglo-Saxons and Northern races, who rather look down upon the Latins, hardly giving them credit for their splendid dash and pluckto say nothing of their brains.

The power to work is ordinarily the measure of a man's possibilities of success.

Now there are manifestly two errors in this statement.

These boatmen were all jolly, good-natured and pleasant people, with a vast deal of practical sense, and a valuable experience in woodcraft, albeit they were rough and unpolished.

I personally was quite impartial, being born an American and never having lived in France until after the Franco-Prussian War.

But it was only when the daring giver of invitations was safely in bed, and Mac equally safe down in the Little Cabin, that it seemed possible to broach the subject.

But he was too exclusively of his own province in his civil and military outlook and was disposed to ignore Carleton as his official chief.

Luckily, they are all, like the back one, built of solid, iron-studded oak.

The heavy timbers, the queer shape of some of the bedrooms and attics, the narrow, crooked passages, and the little unexpected flights of stairs, were all things belonging to a bygone age, of which the pupils were secretly proud, and which caused them to remember the place, and think of it at the time, as being in some way different from an ordinary school.

Mark, though by no means an intemperate man, is fond of a drop now and then, and when he has just a thimbleful too much, the way he will swear is emphatically a sin.

My work is not to found an earthly kingdom, as some have thought; it is not primarily to set up industrial establishments, or syndicates, or ways of transport and trade.

Your conjecture is right, but unhappily there is no help for it.

Don't laugh, Judge, for me and Crop saw and heard all that I've been describin' to you, and we felt it too, may be quite as deeply as if we'd been bred in colleges and stuffed with the larnin' of the books.

(1592-1605) published his edition of the revised Breviary in 1602; and thirty years afterwards Urban VIII, (1623-1644) issued a new and further revised edition, which is substantially the Breviary we read to-day.

That the domain of the sea is being extended over the land by the wearing away of its shores, is well known, but in these icy regions of Alaska, and even as far south as Vancouver Island, the coast rocks have been so short a time exposed to wave-action they are but little wasted as yet.

That system was briefly this: that the hair derived its length, strength, hue, and other properties, from the brain; which opinion he supported by a reference to acknowledged factsas, that it changes its hue with the difference of the mental character in the different stages of life; that violent affections of the mind, such as grief or fear, have been known to change it in a single night.

He was a big, muscular man, but it never occurred to me to be in any fear of him physically.

"MAGNOLIA," he remarks, hastening to be the first to speak, in order to have any conversational chance at all with her, "it is not the least mysterious part of this Mystery of ours, that keeps us all out of doors so much in the unseasonable winter month of December, and now I am peculiarly a meteorological martyr in feeling obliged to go walking for two whole freezing weeks, or until the Holidays and thisthis marriage-business, are over.

From the middle of his line, she could see, sometimes, the tail of Jimmie Batch's glance roving for her, but to all purports his eye was solely for his own replica in front of him, and at such times, when he marched, his back had a little additional straightness that was almost swayback.

Dolly and the phaeton were the chief instruments.

And afterward I will trace with mournful pen, as best I can, all the agonies which are justly the source of my lamentations.

Corresponding to the dark lines, showing at times in its trail, there were now distinctly to be seen on the half-visible sun itself, great, dark belts.

He is inevitably a teacher of doctrine.

It is ultimately to root sin out of the world.

He got up and placed himself before the fire, which was very low, as the night was not coldhad not been cold heretofore at least; but it seemed to me now that a little chill came into the dim and faded room.

For this was one of the desert parts of the Pacific, three hundred miles north of the steamship route from Yokohama to Honolulu, five hundred miles from the nearest land, Gardner Island, and more than seven hundred northwest of the Hawaiian group.

From that time on I was virtually a prisoner; yet so carefully was my surveillance accomplished that I could place my finger on nothing definite.

Next morning Captain Selover was ashore early.

Nominally, the shares were worth a much larger sum, but she had found out that nobody else was willing to buy the block.

And to follow a cow-path, regardless of where it led, was, in those days, the essence of hazard; though all the while from the pastures up above there came the flat safe tinkling of the bells.

Mr. Blake was a leading member of the Chatford Town Club, and although six a side was comparatively a poor business, yet under his instruction they gained a good grounding in the rudiments of the "soccer" of the period.

Whilst, however, the dispute was going on, the master of The Revenge opened communication with the Spaniards and concluded an arrangement fully honourable to the British, by which it was agreed that those on board The Revenge should be sent to England in due course; those of the better sort to pay a reasonable ransom, and meantime no one was to be imprisoned.

In Post-Restoration days a ballad sung in the streets by two persons was frequently called a Jig, presumably because it was a 'song in dialogue'.

unless, perchance, the words were but the echo of his, caught by my mind and remaining within it.

The terms of peace left the situation, as it concerned Austria and Russia, practically as it had been.

The wits' room was upstairs on the first floor.

Intellectually "the essential characteristic of instruction is the treatment of individual things in their relationships"; morally, the idea of unity is that we are all members one of another.

It had been the capital of the first empire of Han (B.C. 202 A.D. 24), as it subsequently was that of Suy (A.D. 589-618).]

Owing, however, to the current in the Lewes, as determined by Dr. Dawson, being just double that of the Teslintoo, the figures being 5.68 and 2.88 miles per hour, respectively, the discharge of the Lewes, taking these figures again in 18,644 feet, and of the Teslintoo 11,436 feet.

"Then he was aboard.

Of course there were farms to the south of the city and apples may have ripened there to as fine a flavor, and to the east, also, doubtless there were farms.

I had three encouragements: first, a smooth, calm sea; secondly, the tide rising, and setting in to the shore; thirdly, what little wind there was blew me towards the land.

You may imagine that I kept my fancies to myself, and was outwardly only the sober merchant with a mind set on freights and hogsheads.

Being come very nigh, Beltane checked his horse and was about to dismount, when Roger, uttering a sudden gasping cry, cowered to his knees, for in the air about them was a sound very sweet to hearthe whisper of lute-strings softly plucked by skilled and cunning fingers, and thereafter a man's voice, rich and melodious, brake forth into tender singing: and the words were these: "O moon!

It's awfully jolly!" Curtain falls, and Baker wakes up to lead his orchestra through the mazes of "Shoo Fly." Appreciative Lady.

if the dear boy, Who half perceives he's done amiss, Retain impression of the kiss That follow'd instant on his cheek; If the kind loving words we speak Of "Never mind it," "We forgive," If these in his short memory live Only perchance for half a day Who minds a dollif that should lay The first impression in his mind That sisters are to brothers kind?

He tells us that: 'to say nothing of the colour (the Lunar whereof I made mention before, which notwithstanding is so incredibly beautiful, as a man should travel 1000 Leagues to behold it), the shape is somewhat flat of the breadth of a Pistolett, and twice the thickness.

To this, each thinking that it may be her turn speedily, if not now, they will in no wise consent, and have maltreated me as thou seest, and the dens of wild beasts are at this moment abodes of peace, compared to my seraglio.

But it's very naughty of him to have written what is at the end.'

"The masterly man's attitude to the world is not exclusively this or that: whatsoever is right, to that he will be a party.

There can be no doubt that this is "all truthno fiction," for Indians are sadly in want of ships.

But the difference, whatever may have been its nature, was seemingly a matter of unimportance to Mrs. Pendomer, who was in meditation.

"When I have to go anywhere, I make it a rule to go at once:similarly, when going to sleep," was the answer.

It was a dangerous piece, that rifle was, 'specially when loaded and Westcott was at one end of it.

He had great confidence in his success with women, homely as he was.

They were keenly alive to the opportunities which were offered to them to win games.

Mr. DRAKE was heartily in favor of the proposition.

Quite as badly off were the little chimney sweeps.

The youthful Queen seems a most pleasing and intelligent-looking child, and is eminently child-like and unaffected in her manner and movements.

"I've been there afore, once in the brig John Rolfe o' Greenock, and once in the Luckpenny o' Leith.

Too many a minister of to-day is, intellectually, something of a flibbertigibbet.

What other men are frankly too busy to do, he is supposed to be cheerfully ready to do.