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78 adverbs to describe how to  whistle  - Adverbs for  whistle

78 adverbs to describe how to whistle

John Randolph was swinging along the green road with a bridle over his arm, whistling softly.

" The girl put two fingers in her mouth and whistled shrilly.

Merrily whistled the Butcher as he jogged along, for he was going to the market, and the day was fresh and sweet, making his heart blithe within him.

And Rudolph Musgrave glanced at the bath-house, turned on his heel, and presently plunged into the beech plantation, whistling cheerfully.

Shells passed whistling overhead, some coming from beyond the Isonzo toward the Ternova Plateau, others in the opposite direction from Ternova.

White!"again I hear That blithely whistled chorus; Why should we not companions be? One Father watches o'er us!

After awhile the cook began to whistle cheerily.

His man, a guileless young Englishman, came in from mowing, gaily whistling the refrain the Yankee band had been playing at intervals all afternoon.

18 Here ended all the phantom-play; They smelt the fresh approach of day, And heard a cock to crow; The whirling wind that bore the crowd Has clapp'd the door, and whistled loud, To warn them all to go.

" Thereupon, Mr. Charteris uncovered his head with perfect gravity, and turned on his heel, and went down the road, whistling melodiously.

The wind whistled drearily through the nooks and crannies of the unfinished brickwork of the upper story, and a faint evening mist rose from the soddened garden and floated in a thin cloud past the library window, as though the ghost of the dead judge were revisiting the house in search of his murderer.

" The fellow whistled sharply, and the next minute four masked lads appeared at the door and leaped into the room.

* * Oft in the lone churchyard at night I've seen By glimpse of moonshine chequering through the trees, The school-boy, with his satchel in his hand, Whistling aloud to bear his courage up, And lightly tripping o'er the long flat stones, (With nettles skirted, and with moss o'ergrown,) That tell in homely phrase who lie below.

When he waved his little flag, the locomotive belched even darker smoke curls than before, and whistled mournfully because it had to stand still.

She awoke in broad daylight to hear a cold wind whistling shrilly outside and raindrops beating against the panes.

In the meantime, although the sun had set in golden glory, dark and dense clouds had covered the heavens, the wind had risen and whistled dismally over the moor, and a shower of mingled rain and sleet blew into the shed, one side of which was open to the air.

"I was merely whistling to the bird," I said.

Rising and shaking the snow from his garments, he whistled loudly to Crusoe, and, on listening, heard him whining piteously.

Women, after all, he assured himself, were necessary for the perpetuation of the species; and, resolving for the future to view these weakly, big-hipped and slope-shouldered makeshifts of Nature's with larger tolerance, he cocked his hat at a devil-may-carish angle, and strode up the walk, whistling jauntily and having, it must be confessed, to the unprejudiced observer very much the air of a sheep in wolf's clothing.

to Ride well, Dance well, Sing well, or Whistle Courtly, they're rare endowments; that they have seen far Countreys, and can speak strange things, though they speak no truths, for then they make things common.

So saying, he spurred his horse upon Little John, and rising in his stirrups smote with might and main, but Little John ducked quickly underneath the horse's belly and the blow whistled harmlessly over his head.

" Master Nugent whistled thoughtfully, and quitting the kitchen proceeded upstairs to his room, and first washing himself with unusual care for a boy of thirteen, put on a clean collar and brushed his hair.

" Phil scoffed and reproved him, and he departed, whistling "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep," lugubriously.

Listen, like this: [He whistles admiringly.

" In the surgery Rowcliffe whistled inaudibly.

He whistled incessantly through his teeth.

" Teresa whistled incredulously.

"O Canadah, our heritage, our love" CHAPTER XIV Henry Callandar, resting neck-deep in the cool green swimming pool, tossed the wet hair out of his eyes and whistled ingratiatingly to a watching robin.

CHAPTER XII Mrs. Coombe had been in the city a week when one morning Ann, who was feeling lonely without Jane, sat swinging upon the five-barred gate and whistling intermittently for Bubble.

Keenly the wind whistled past her, and she rejoiced to feel its clean purity rush into her lungs.

Going to the corner of the house, he whistled low, and in answer, Czar come bounding to him from the porch.

[Illustration: WHERE JOYCE LIVED] Luckily the locomotive whistled just then, and the novelty of getting aboard a train for the first time, helped her to be brave at the parting.

A noise of feet coming across the hallof manly whistling makes itself heard.

The rain slipped from her swelling sides with a certain lingering touch of the sea; the soil around her was still treacherous with its suggestions, and even the wind whistled nautically over her chimney.

80 Up the Haymarket hill he oft whistles his way, Thrusts his hands in a waggon, and smells at the hay; [30] He thinks of the fields he so often hath mown, And is happy as if the rich freight were his own.

But I could trust Andreas to dare and to endureto overcome obstacles, and, if man could, to "get there," where, in the base-quarters in Bucharest, the amanuenses were waiting to copy out in round hand for the foreign telegraphist the rapid script of the correspondent scribbling for life in the saddle or the cleft of a commanding tree while the shells were whistling past.

" He jerked his head up and back towards the open where the rifles sputtered and the bullets whistled querulously.

John went about his work silent and sad, and Joe scarcely whistled.

He had got a butterfly net from somewhere and was lying flat on his tummy and whistling seductively an alleged imitation of Philip's usual remark.

He had no taste for music, and seldom whistled at his work.

The major set hands on hips, blinked, puckered his lips, and silently whistled.

" The American lawyer, a chubby, red-faced man of forty, with clear grey eyes and a stubby mustache, whistled soulfully.

[The BLACKBIRD is heard tentatively whistling, "How sweet to fare afield".]

The sun set; cool, violet lights lay over the earth; a thrush, awakened by the sweetness of the twilight from his long summer moping, whistled timidly, tentatively; then the silvery, evanescent notes floated away, away, in endless, heavenly serenity.

Willie whistled tunelessly through his teeth; Macgregor kept his jaw set and occasionally and inadvertently kicked a loose stone.

Hugonet unceremoniously whistled his astonishment, and Yolanda blushed as she said: "You shall soon know.

Sometimes they coined money, and, again, when the locomotive unexpectedly whistled, saw a roomful of noisy men go galloping away, leaving a laugh and a few sous behind.

Last night the Canary wine flashed in the red Venice glasses on the oaken tables of the hall; loud voices shouted and laughed till the clustered hawk-bells jingled from the rafters, and the chaplain's fiddle throbbed responsive from the wall; while the coupled stag-hounds fawned unnoticed, and the watchful falcon whistled to himself unheard.

Very unwillingly, when obliged to do so, he whistled off his bands of Kurds, and dismissed them: unwillingly, too, he gave orders that the Armenian hunts which had so pleasantly diverted the sportsmen of Constantinople, must be abandoned: then was decreed a 'close time' for Armenians, the shooting season was over.

A smoky tug whistled uproariously, there was a patter of wooden shoes as children clattered along the stone jetty, and from all over the crowd that had come down to greet us came brave shouts of "Eep-eep Hoorah!

First, instead of the ordinary keyhole there was something exactly resembling the customary mouthpiece through which we whistle upstairs from the ground floor of a flat seeking to attract the people who rarely answer.

Conolly pulled down the blind, and began to pack his portmanteau to a vigorously whistled accompaniment.

Dick never heard of the lines, but he knew the principle well, so he began to "never mind it" by sitting down beside his companions and whistling vociferously.

Well, as you know, I haven't much ear for music, and I hoped I would get an easy tune; but when my partner, a long, thin, earnest man, with a stutter, burst on me and whistled wildly in my face, I had the hopeless feeling that I had never heard the tune before.

The wind was rising and gaining power, and it whistled wrathfully about the house, howling as in bitter mockery at the scene within.

" That night Davy alternately whistled and talked to the dog beside him as he husked the corn he had raised with his own hands, and chopped the wood he had cut and hauledfor since his father's death he had kept things going.

Really, the Blackbird whistles amazingly!

And when Giles had whistled awhile and Roger had scowled awhile, the archer spake again: "Hast never been in love, Roger?" "Never, Saint Cuthbert be praised!"

He came in, whistling carelessly, and she glanced instinctively at Guy.

So far the shells had been whistling comfortably over our heads, but it was evident that the Germans were aiming at the British Headquarters, and that we had put our heads into the thick of it, for it was now positively raining shells all round us.

Coming to the edge of the ties on the bridge, he poised himself for a moment, and with a glance at the approaching locomotive, which was now whistling continuously, the man leaped into the stream below him.

"A cowpuncheractually whistling at me!"

He then walks on to the platform, whistling defiantly with his hands in his pockets, as if he had got an unpleasant duty to perform, but was not going to be intimidated.

In the bushes by the fence-row were a pair of cardinal grosbeaks, the male whistling divinely, quite unabashed by the volubility of a mocking-bird who balanced himself on the treetop overhead, "Superb and sole, upon a plumรฉd spray," and seemed determined to show a Yankee stranger what mocking-birds could really do when they set out.

he whistled dolefully, "how can I ever face the music over there!"

" Dolly whistled.

Johnson whistled "too-too-too" doubtfully, for Lee was a patriot and an American.

I heard the sedge-warbler whistle drily in the willow-patch, and a nightingale sang with infinite sweetness in a close of thorn-bushes now bursting into bloom; blue sky above, a sapphire streak of waterway ahead, green banks on either side; a little enough matter to fill a heart with joy.

" He began to whistle "Yankee Doodle" and pitch hay energetically, while "Susan" was within hearing; but how would that dear woman's soul have floundered deeper and deeper in the fog that clouded it now, had she seen her grave husband sit down on one end of the hay-mow and laugh till the tears stood in his keen eyes, and then, drawing his coat-sleeve across the shaggy lashes, say to himself, "Poor child!"

And evermore I'm whistling or lilting what you sung, Your smile is always in my heart, your name beside my tongue;

And I hope the jury will acquit him!" "Oho!" whistled Mr. Tutt exultantly, while O'Brien gazed at Hepplewhite in stupefaction.

The bedizened porter whistled fatuously at a passing taxicab, which though fareless held steadfast to its way, while the driver acknowledged the signal only with jeers and disgraceful gestures, after the manner of his kind.

The Judge whistled feebly.

The night was very dark and the snow falling fast, as Hermann, the charcoal-burner, drew his cloak tighter around him, and the wind whistled fiercely through the trees of the Black Forest.

" West whistled gravely, his gaze on the other's face.

As he left the stable-yard, he was whistling light-heartedly, and Phipps glanced at a colleague with a slight flicker of one eyelid.

The salt tang of the sea was in his nostrils; greetings, many-keyed, hoarse-whistled by plying craft, were in his ears; creamy-foamed wakes of turbulent keels, swift-sent or laboring, boiled their swirling splendor against the black water.

It is impossible to tell of all the things that enter into the running of a fast train, but as it flashes across States, intersects cities, thunders past humble stations, and whistles imperiously at crossings, it attracts the attention of all.