10 adverbs to describe how to whizzing

But it was too late; the plane was already at the end of the runway and several feet into the air with the countryside whizzing past and getting smaller and smaller as the plane quickly ascended.

The rest whizzed harmlessly by, and at the top of his speed he ran forward.

Trouble increased as the car whizzed northward; the meows became wilder; mad scrambles agitated the basket; the lid bobbed and creaked; the girl turned a vivid pink and, bending close over the basket, attempted to soothe its enervated inmate.

As it did so there was the sound of a revolver shot from across the water and something whizzed overhead.

" Something whizzed sharply by his ear, and at the same instant there was the sound of a shot.

Half a dozen heavy ones whizzed uncomfortably near my head as I went up, and I saw several persons get the full benefit of a shot on their backs and breasts.

They had also a few brass pieces in the fort, but they managed them with so little skill as to produce no effect, for the balls uniformly whizzed over the heads of our men.

Consequently we have been whizzed through the air at the somewhat startling speed of seven and a half seconds to the mile.

Stocks advanced, fluctuated, and suddenly whizzed upward like skyrockets; and the long-expected wave of prosperity inundated the country.

A rocket whizzed high in the air from each side of the bay, a bugle sounded the alarm, voices of command were heard, and, as if by enchantment, a chaos of sounds followed the deep silence which had before reigned, and from every house armed men poured out.

10 adverbs to describe how to  whizzing  - Adverbs for  whizzing