51 adverbs to describe how to witness

The wild tumult of the excited riders presented a picture seldom witnessed on a battlefield.

'It happened that Mr Simms, by whom our instruments now in use were prepared, and who had personally witnessed our former difficulties, was present during some of these experiments.

And are we then to leave them with glad faces turned to that new day wherein, above the ashes of old errors and follies and mischances and miseries, they were to raise the structure of such a happiness as earth rarely witnesses?

The missionary had witnessed the floggings at this machine repeatedly, as it stood but a few steps from his house.

"And to his faithful servant hath in place Bore witness gloriously.

He was now there, but as a political fugitive, wherefore it was not deemed advisable to have him attend the public performance; but he did secretly witness a rehearsal, and was delighted to find that Liszt's genius had enabled him to penetrate into the innermost recesses of this music.

Hence the poor slave fathers and mothers are forced to silently witness the cruel wrongs which their helpless children are made to suffer.

Calomel is one of the most useful medicines we possess; but though powerful for good, it is by no means powerless for mischief, and pages might be written upon the evil effects which have resulted from its indiscriminate use in the nursery; medical men are daily and hourly witnessing this fact.

She remembered that once, when she was not more than four or five years old, she accidentally witnessed the terrible whipping of a servant woman.

In the square the maskers gradually reappeared, though the alarm had been too sudden and violent, to admit a speedy return to the levity which ordinarily was witnessed in that spot, between the setting and the rising of the sun.

" That parting, happily, I did not witness.

Olly, who had witnessed the whole proceeding enchantedly from the window, ran to meet her.

The Spaniards did not relish this, and were going to board the tiny English craft, but again they were forestalled; for Cochrane with all his men took the Gamo by storm, killed some, and frightened others; and ere long a marvellous sight was witnessed at Minorca, the great Gamo was brought by the Speedy into the harbour, with over 263 men on board, hale and hearty, whilst Cochrane never had a fifth of that number!

he cried; "if I had cause to doubt my wife and my friend, this face would witness fearfully against them.

Then, further, in the past the aftermath of war was in many ways as horrible as war itself, whilst the period during war witnessed an enormous amount of privation and suffering among non-combatants almost as ghastly as that of the battlefield.

" "I care not for the honors of the university," rejoined one of the Écossais, or Scotch College, then existing in the Rue des Amandiers, "but I care much for the glory of my countryman, and I would gladly have witnessed the triumph of the disciples of Rutherford and of the classic Buchanan.

So might those old inhabitants of the ark, Witnessing haply their dove's safe return, Pronounce there was no danger all the while O' the deluge, to the creature's counterparts, Aught that beat wing i' the world, was white or soft, And that the lark, the thrush, the culver too, Might equally have traversed air, found earth, And brought back olive-branch In unharmed bill.

After hopelessly witnessing for many months a course of disastrous and ill-conducted warfare in the West, the council fled with the Prince, first to the Scilly Islands, near Cornwall, and thence to Jersey.

Incidentally, too, it witnesses that an author occasionally meets with a good wife.

On the day when it shall be considered solved, Europe will inevitably witness the propounding of the Austrian Question.'

The Fairies who invisibly had witnessed all I have described to you, were not so loud in their admiration of Aurora as you or I might have been.

I was in despair at this result, thinking that my friend must have been mistaken as to the robberythat is, as to his having witnessed itand that my money was irretrievably gone.

And now that he was down, it was but natural that the world should fall upon him, tear him to pieces with its venomous fangs, to enjoy his torture, and joyfully to witness the lowering of pride and independence.

On the king's consent, he begged furthermore that Oropastes, Croesus, and three other nobles should be allowed to witness the opening of the blue lily in the hanging gardens.

During this transaction I witnessed the natural kindness of heart and disinterested tenderness of the female sex: no matter how distressing the circumstance or appalling the danger, they are, in all countries, the last to forsake man.

51 adverbs to describe how to  witness  - Adverbs for  witness
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