83 adverbs to describe how to woman

At this critical moment a fresh, comely woman pressed through the throng to get a peep at the gray-bearded man.

We also knew that this letter, written under pressure, was delivered by Colonel Butler, who went to the fort with a flag of truce, and, when the commandant flatly refused to surrender, the Tory officer threatened that, in case it became necessary to take the fortification by force, the women and children inside would be delivered over to the mercies of the Indians.

(The woman outside still crying under her breath turns abruptly and starts toward the line where dunes and woods meet.)

The men are fine-looking, the women homely.

And through her like a stab there ran the thought of the poor little woman upstairs.

She was to Spenser, to Sidney, and to Raleigh, not merely a woman and a virgin queen, but the champion of Protestantism, the lady of young England, the heroine of the conflict against popery and Spain.

" "Do everything you can for her," said the woman, earnestly.

oh, fair and gentle creature, scarcely woman, how could any man's voice call her by that name!

And no woman, no matter how much she wanted to bump Warren off, could think of a thing that complicated.

"That's what they call it," said the woman, querulously, as she lay down again, and, turning her face to the wall, passed quietly away.

Look at me, with the best o' my days behind me, and wi' only one arm leftand I'm a deal more awkward and helpless with that one arm than you'd think, sir,look at me, and then tell me how could such a man dare to speak his mind tosuch a woman.

Slatternly women gossip in groups about the doorways.

Fourth, that mothers of six children and upwards, pregnant women, and the aged of both sexes, would be greatly benefited by a law enforcing the kind treatment which they received in slavery, but which is now considered optional, or is altogether avoided on many properties.

"I would 'a' told you, Johnnie," said the poor woman deprecatingly, "but I never knowed it myself till late last night, and I hadn't the heart to name it at breakfast.

" "Men have changed their minds about the women they were going to marry, Dolly, even American men.

"Have you done anything for her?" "I done give her three pieces o' blottin'-paper, Doc," said the colored woman doubtfully.

I do not regard her as pre-eminently a happy woman, since her marriages were either unfortunate or unnatural.

She was not strong, he said, and very sensitive to the contact of either friends or enemiesevidently a nervous, high-strung woman.

Yet how otherwise should we disclose the wonders of its formation, or do justice to the skill of the divine hand that hath thus fashioned it in its beauty? All Shakspeare's women, being essentially women, either love, or have loved, or are capable of loving; but Juliet is love itself.

" "Our tribe is the Delaware," said the old Indian woman evasively" they came from the great woods like a river.

"This is the little girl, sir," said the wardrobe woman, excitedly, proud at being the means of bringing together two such prominent people.

"I scorn and defy the suspicions of that enemy of the persecuted South, and high-handed wooer of exclusively Northern women!"

" "We had the first wish granted," said the old woman, feverishly; "why not the second?" "A coincidence," stammered the old man.

Even as her soft, kind hands did bind up my wounds, so methought she with gentle sayings might heal my grieving heartand nownow" "O my lord," she sighed, bending over idle fingers, "methinks you came seeking an angel of heaven and find hereonly a woman.

A month more of this would make me a hopelessly broken-down woman.

83 adverbs to describe how to  woman  - Adverbs for  woman
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