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143 adverbs to describe how to wonder

Vaguely, I wondered what caused them; also, I remembered that I had intended to ask my dear One about them, as well as many other mattersand I had been forced to leave her, before the half that I had wished to say, was said.

the colonel idly wondered, and regretted that he had no Leporello to keep them catalogued for consultation)and George Pendomer's long-smoldering jealousy of Rudolph Musgrave: all fitted in as neatly as the bits of a puzzle.

It was, of course, scarcely to be wondered at that this handsome, capable girl should call forth any man's admiration.

His sense was leaving him, he knew; he wondered dimly if he was dying.

If found send by registered post to Miss Lennard, 503a, Bedford Court Mansions, London." Allerdyke memorized that address while he secretly wondered whether he should or should not tell the manager that the missing property was in his possession.

"That would be an easy bill to identify," commented Palmer, uneasily, "wonder if this can be a trap?" "Well, keep your suspicions to yourself for a while," counseled Joey; "we don't need to break it till we make sure.

Even in the chaos of my thoughts, I wondered, dully, at their extraordinary shapes.

"I was merely wondering whether we were to count you among our rifles to-morrow.

"Which one is the larger?" Without in the least understanding what his friend was driving at, and stupidly wondering if he ever had noticed any difference in Joe's ears, J.W. stared with inane bewilderment.

It was curious to see him peep into her bottle-filled satchel, with an old man's freedom; and to hear him audibly wonder thereat, whether, after all, men were any more addicted than women to the social glass when they wanted to put a better face on affairs.

They passed their days in pleasure, she in work; but Marion, in her rare moments of reflection, as she thought of the strangely peaceful face of the young nurse, wondered sadly whether Evadne had not chosen the better part after all.

And II was filled with a terrible sense of overwhelming horror and fear and repugnance; yet, spite of these, I wondered exceedingly.

The cowboy silently wondered how long he could keep from making "a complete, triple-expansion, darned fool of himself!"

All through those dreary weeks of the siege I was wondering anxiously about Marya, and then one day when we had been driving off a party of cossacks, one of the rebels, whom I recognised a former soldier at Bélogorsk, lingered to give me a letter.

" They were all "examined," however, in due season, some in one way and some in another; and during all that time Dab Kinzer and his friends were inwardly wondering, whether they said so or not, precisely what impression they had made upon the doctor.

Ibut I've got at least five years of plugging ahead of me, and" "You were going to tell me about your big reason for going to the State University," Marcia broke in, though she wondered afterward if her instinct had not played her false.

Lilian is thinking of the prisoner, Lennie wondering aloud, "How does Alma like having to go to hell for lying about Henry?"

The period was that exasperating one known as "the first two weeks," when coaches are continually upon the border of insanity and players wonder dumbly if the game is worth the candle.

" I had a vision of Elspeth's birthday party when we sat round the Governor's table, and I had wondered dismally how long it would be before our pleasant songs would be turned to mourning.

Being thus heavy with sleep, he wondered drowsily what great content was this that filled him, and wherefore?

"By my faith," said he, "I wonder sorely what may be amiss with my tower, since the earth will not endure it.

He looked at his employer and wondered blankly what he had heard.

All night she lay sleepless, wondering miserably what to do; and out of her hatred of her life, and her hatred of Peter Van Degen, there gradually grew a loathing of Van Degen's pearls.

He breakfasted on ham and eggs, in a state of tolerable equanimity; and mildly wondered at himself for doing it.

The people in the room were always changing, and in the night-time Paul began to wonder languidly who the figure was, with its head upon its hand, that returned so often and remained so long.

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