588 adverbs to describe how to work

During the day we fished happily, working steadily upstream, and by evening we had one of the prettiest creels of fish that I had seen for a long while.

The others, well used, for the most part, to this kind of fighting, took at once to the trees, and we gradually worked our way forward, keeping up a spirited fire till we reached the shelter of a huge log, which lay at the edge of the ravine.

And for three hours past, pale, looking wondrously beautiful, her face showing all the flower of youth, her blue eyes opening widely under her fine golden hair, she had been there diligently working, striving to do her best.

Mix all the ingredients well together, carefully mincing them very finely; beat up the egg, moisten with it, and work the whole very smoothly together.

PROBLEM Much discussion arose after the finish of the last world's series as to whether the adjustment of dates had worked satisfactorily.

He was trembling like a leaf, his eyes were bloodshot, and his lower jaw was working convulsively.

A good deal of nibbling had to be done before he got anything to eat, because the lower scales are barren, but when he had patiently worked his way up to the fertile ones he found two sweet nuts at the base of each, shaped like trimmed hams, and spotted purple like birds' eggs.

The courteous maiden who goes down the well, who gives help where it is needed, and who works faithfully for Mother Holle, comes home again dropping gold and diamonds when she speaks.

The colonel's mind was working busily on matters oddly apart from those of which he talked.

" Rudolph Musgrave, however, had not honored her with much attention, and was puzzling over the more or less incomprehensible situation; and, perceiving this, she ran on, after a little: "Oh, it workedit worked beautifully!

These "tangles" bring up immense quantities of such animals as have long arms, or spines, or prominences which readily become caught in the hemp, but they are very destructive to the fragile organisms which they imprison; and, now that the trawl can be successfully worked at the greatest depths, it may be expected to supersede them; at least, wherever the ground is soft enough to permit of trawling.

If they work badly they will be abandoned and some other expedient will be tried, and the ultimate outcome will doubtless be an improvement upon the old methods.

It seems that all snow nourished plants count nothing so excellent in their kind as to be forehanded with their bloom, working secretly to that end under the high piled winters.

That connection Buckheath put in for me the evening you were with him on the Ridge worked loose.

The arrangements for the withdrawal worked admirably.

They lived in this way for ten years, and in spite of the dismal prognostications of friends, John Corbett worked industriously, and did not show any desire to return to his old ways!

"The artillerymen work silently, the perspiration streaming down their cheeks, and continue sending on their messengers of death.

Completely shut out from the rest of the world, the men had worked cheerfully and with little interruption; for their labours composed their recreation.

No answer, but he could see that the sweat poured off Mac's face as he worked unceasingly over the child.

Those who do not work are quickly cut out from all participation in race-progress and in race-delights; those who work earnestly, but blindly, have their small reward.

"Lots of time for us, then," said Frank, still working as swiftly as possible.

But I had rather begin with a dissent and then work upward.

But the grandest sight was the cavalry, comprising the flower of the French aristocracy, and displaying finely wrought weapons, mantles of gorgeous brocade, velvet banners embroidered with gold, chains of gold, and other precious ornaments.

The soldiers, as if that moment arrived before the city, forgetting all the toils they had undergone and the disappointments they had suffered, began to raise a new mole, at which they worked incessantly.

And so a great deal depends upon whether they work harmoniously or discordantly, and upon which does the most work and which the least.

588 adverbs to describe how to  work  - Adverbs for  work
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