52 adverbs to describe how to worried

I could not understandhe spoke so lowbut Papa looked dreadfully worried after he had gone.

Anyhow I should know the next day, so there seemed no use in worrying myself about it unnecessarily.

SEABURY, DAVID. How to worry successfully.

The sailing of the British fleet in quest of Admiral von Spee's squadron had been kept secret and the news of the victory was therefore especially welcome to the people of England, who had been considerably worried by a succession of minor naval losses inflicted by German cruisers, submarines and mines.

They secrete opium in all sorts of wonderful places, and so worry the custom-house officers dreadfully.

" Mr. Ellsworth seemed awfully worried, kind of; he just sat thinking a minute.

The fact is, darling, I am terribly worried.'

'Duke Radford turned his face rather anxiously windward, and was considerably worried to find that a few small snowflakes came dancing slowly down, and that the slight draught of the morning was changing to a raw, cold wind from off the water.

" "Yes, we've been worrying terribly about that," sighed Laura, and affectionately Billie patted a hand of each.

I feel it a real mercy that his thoughts are agreeably occupied this summer, as otherwise he would be incessantly worried about Anna.

," he said, "I want to get off my chest for your benefit something that has been worrying me awfully.

"It will worry poor old Dick horribly.

"You may be worrying quite needlessly.

"You were worrieddreadfully worried because your little Carlotta wept salt tears all over your shirt bosom.

Liberty of conscience means doing wrong and not worrying about it afterward.

All the next dayyesterdayI was anxiously worrying out the thing in my mind and carefully devising thethe trick, I'm afraid you'll call it, that you by some extraordinary means have seen through.

While he was speaking, the mastiff, being jostled by the two llamas still awkwardly worrying each other, turned round so suddenly, that the mouse was dislodged from his lofty position, and thrown to the ground; on seeing which, the cat immediately sprang upon it, with a loud purring noise, which being heard by the dog, he, with a fierce growl, suddenly seized the cat.

This new medicine man got badly worried several times.

At that season they grow fat, and gunners continually worry them; but I do not think that sportsmen often shoot these song birds.

Don't yuh worry, Dilly; it ain't serious.

Powerful people maneuver for position and worry endlessly about who is IN and who is OUT, who is UP and who is DOWN, forgetting those people whose toil and sweat sends us here and paves our way.

" In the year 1696, when Ninon had reached eighty, she had several attacks of illness which worried her friends exceedingly.

And behold three of those foolish lads have brought her gilt and painted boxes of bon-bons, over which there was a prodigious giggling and semi-refusing and bantering among the young folks, worrying Emily and me excessively, though we knew it would not do to interfere.

" "Well, his poor wife doesn't share his sentiments," said Mr. Watkins, "for she has worried so fearfully over his enormous losses already that she is now on the verge of losing her reason.

And that worried the man hugely.

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