35 adverbs to describe how to worries

Anyhow I should know the next day, so there seemed no use in worrying myself about it unnecessarily.

They secrete opium in all sorts of wonderful places, and so worry the custom-house officers dreadfully.

SEABURY, DAVID. How to worry successfully.

The sailing of the British fleet in quest of Admiral von Spee's squadron had been kept secret and the news of the victory was therefore especially welcome to the people of England, who had been considerably worried by a succession of minor naval losses inflicted by German cruisers, submarines and mines.

"It will worry poor old Dick horribly.

"You may be worrying quite needlessly.

I feel it a real mercy that his thoughts are agreeably occupied this summer, as otherwise he would be incessantly worried about Anna.

" "Yes, we've been worrying terribly about that," sighed Laura, and affectionately Billie patted a hand of each.

," he said, "I want to get off my chest for your benefit something that has been worrying me awfully.

" "Well, his poor wife doesn't share his sentiments," said Mr. Watkins, "for she has worried so fearfully over his enormous losses already that she is now on the verge of losing her reason.

And that worried the man hugely.

It kinda worries me.

They are the ones among the blacks who carry the entire weight of the race question; it worries the others very little, and I believe the only thing which at times sustains them is that they know that they are in the right.

"What's worrying mewhether you're goin' to join in on the sport when we catch the weasel!" Sport!

The suggestion of Vincent nervously worrying over trifles was one of the most repellent pictures that had ever been presented to her imagination.

The journey is not an attractive one, as we seemed to be perpetually worried by Custom-house authorities and inquisitive ticket-collectors!

Try a cigar and then tell me, personally, what's worrying you.

Well, Dick Varley did do it over again, and Crusoe worried the mitten over again, utterly regardless of "Fetch it.

I seldom worry myself to arrange beforehand for the creature comforts of a journey, trusting to the beneficent star which seems to hover over the unworthy to shine upon my pathway.

When he sat up he saw two of the cubs standing near him on their hind legs, wrestling with each other, the other two were playing hide and seek round a tree trunk, and now Angelica let go his laces and came romping into his arms to kiss him and say "Good morning" to him, then worrying the points of his waistcoat a little shyly after the warmth of his embrace.

One German officer who was sent to Austria to help bolster up her army told me that he didn't worry over the desertion of Bohemians singly and in small groups.

The situation worried him sorely; he had but lately attained the tiara at an advanced agethe twenty-fourth hour, as he himself remarked in extenuation of his haste to enrich his nephews.

I'm not a good business mannot systematicthough I worry along.

One of her greatest qualities was that she did not unduly worry.

His soberer brother Larry worried uselessly over Ted's misdeeds, and took him sharply to task for them; but even Larry admitted that there was something rather magnificent about Ted and that possibly in the end he would come out the soundest Holiday of them all.

35 adverbs to describe how to  worries  - Adverbs for  worries