82 adverbs to describe how to worshipping

whom ignorantly and unconsciously he worshipped, and whom had he ever heard of Him and known Him, he would have loved in his heart and glorified by the consistency of his noble and stainless life.

This celebrated gathering of wit and whimsicality, founded by Johnson himself in conjunction with Sir J. Reynolds, was the Helicon of London Letters, and the temple which the greatest talker of his age had built for himself, and in which he took care to be duly worshipped.

What is your opinion, commodore?" "Re-what, ma'am," said the commodore, who was not conscious of ever having heard the word before; for, in his Sabbaths on the water, where he often worshipped God devoutly in his heart, the language of the professedly pious was never heard; "I can only say she is as pretty a skiff as floats, but I can tell you nothing about resuscitationindeed, I never heard of her having been drowned.

Surely these last, who have not accepted tradition in the mass, who believe that we must, as our Lord demanded of the Jews, of our own selves judge what is right, because therein his spirit works with our spirit,worship the Truth not less devotedly than they who rejoice in holy tyranny over their intellects.

Since he had been restored to his position he had silently worshiped Mr. Denton.

These devils were worshipped heretofore by that superstitious Pyromanteia and the like.

Him she worshipped, not wholly blindly, but with a devotion that never faltered.

Even they dared not to affirm to the people of England, that a wife who had committed incest with her husband's brother, ought on her death to be buried in the same tomb with her fraticidal [Transcriber's note: sic] paramour, and that tomb to be annually worshipped by the youths and virgins of their country.

The Bo tree is extensively worshipped in India, and the Toolsee plant (Basil) is held sacred to all godsno oblation being considered sacred without its leaves.

And Maghavat having worshipped them reverentially, inquired after their undisturbed peace and welfare as regards all respects.

"It's always fast friends, or, at least, men with a strong tendency to friendship, who are in love with the same woman, and I don't believe they hate each other half as much as we should, even for that!" To which Maud would make no reply, gazing with her dark eyes out upon the river, and wondering whether Dick had ever told the wife he loved how fondly he once worshipped another face so like her own.

Have they the right to say, "Do so, or quit;" or, to say, "If you stay, we will consider you as impliedly worshipping idols?"

Fortunate was Dante that he worshipped her afar, that he never knew her well enough to be undeceived, and so walked through life in love with love, sensitive, saintly, sweetly sad and most divinely happy in his melancholy.

But you alternately worship and insult him, as some people do their wooden idols.

Patricia was a favorite with all who knew her, but the big, white-moustached Major Doyle, her father, positively worshipped her, and let the girl rule him as her fancy dictated.

Late advices from China convey the intelligence that the American-Chinese General WARD, who died in the service of the Celestial empire, has been postmortuarily brevetted to the rank of a "major god," and is now regularly worshipped as such by JOHN PIGTAIL.

[6608]Symmachus the orator in his days, to procure a general toleration, used this argument, [6609]"Because God is immense and infinite, and his nature cannot perfectly be known, it is convenient he should be as diversely worshipped, as every man shall perceive or understand."

"It is scarcely possible to describe the impotent ardour with which these malignant spirits aspire to the honour of being divinely worshipped.

Duchesne, Christian Worship (London. 1904. 10s.).

Here they worshipped earnestly, looking out in the meantime for a plot of land in some part of the town whereon they could build a chapel, and thus attend to their own business on their own premises.

For he must needs have first touched the earth as human child, ere he could be worshipped as Divine Saviour.

Read the answer of Jesus as the New Testament gives it, and then see if the Quaker poet, Barton, has not beautifully expressed it thus: "Woman, believe me, the hour is near When He, if ye rightly would hail him, Will neither be worshipped exclusively here.

Here, again, is the inevitable intermingling of the eternal principles of Beauty, Love, and the Creative Power in that pure triune medallion image which the ancients so tenderly cherished and so exquisitely worshipped with vestal fires and continual sacrifices of Art.

They worship Him externally, but internally how do they regard His maxims?

For as Zanchy well distinguished, and all the world knows religion is twofold, true or false; false is that vain superstition of idolaters, such as were of old, Greeks, Romans, present Mahometans, &c. Timorem deorum inanem, Tully could term it; or as Zanchy defines it, Ubi falsi dii, aut falso cullu colitur Deus, when false gods, or that God is falsely worshipped.

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