598 adverbs to describe how to writes

A hen somewhere in Virginia, according to a local paper, has lately produced an egg on the white of which the word "War" was plainly written in black letters.

* Will Shortly appear: Our New Serial, Written expressly for Punchinello, by ORPHEUS C. KERR, Entitled, "The Mystery of Mr. E. Drood."

If he wrote it at all, he wrote it merely to throw you off the track.

He hunted up his writing-pad and wrote hastily: "Housekeeper wanted by a farmer; must be sober and steady.

Details of the participation of the United States Marines in the counter-attack of the allies against German forces on the Marne, July 18, are given in a letter written shortly afterward by Major Robert L. Denig, of the United States Marines, to his wife, in Philadelphia, and which had been forwarded to Washington for the historical files of the Marine Corps.

Since you left Scotland, signore, I have been up in Dumfries, and have discovered several facts which prove that for some reason known only to himself, Leithcourt, while at Rannoch, wrote to both Armida and myself separately, making an appointment to see us at the same time at that spot on the edge of the wood, as he had some secret commission to entrust to us.

Bacchus, who is known from Aristophanes not to have excelled in criticism, protested that his laureate was greater than Homer; and, though Homer could not go quite so far as this, he graciously conceded that if he had himself been an Egyptian of the fifth century, with a faint glimmering of the poetical art, and encumbered with more learning than he knew how to use, he might have written almost as badly as his modern representative.

Behind the jalousies of the library the owner of the villa sat at a desk, busily writing.

For Office Purposes, please add your full Christian Names and Surname legibly written.

W. wrote pretty regularly from Berlin, particularly the first days, before the real work of the Congress began.

[Footnote 31: A class of children who began in the middle of October wrote correctly to dictation on March 28, "Patria e lavoro siamo, miei cari bambini, parole sante per voi.

The walls were hung with Persian silks, and displayed three or four texts from the Koran, beautifully written in gold on a green ground.

On the other side of the paper was written very neatly, still in Archie's writing: '3 LINDEN MANSIONS, CADOGAN SQUARE, KNIGHTSBRIDGE.

The book is admirably written, yet without any frills.

Lieutenant Ward hurriedly wrote a note to General Carr, and handing it to a corporal, ordered him to make all possible haste back to the command and deliver the message.

There might have been less of sentiment in his felicity, than when he lived at Ravenna, as he seldom wrote poetry, but he appeared to some of his occasional visitors, who knew him in London, to have become more agreeable and manly.

It is manifestly appropriate that the poems belonging to a seriessuch as the "Ecclesiastical Sonnets," or those referring to the "Duddon"should be brought together, as Wordsworth finally arranged them; even although we may be aware that some of them were written subsequently, and placed in the middle of the series.

[104] More commonly written "cote," a cottage.

There are other difficulties, seldom spoken of, of which one must write frankly, though with the keenest sympathy, if one is to look deeply into the modern church problem.

Wordsworth would undoubtedly have written much poetry here.

When he could command his temper to write calmly he sent a letter to Mr. Merrick which read: "Taken altogether, John, you're the craziest bunch of irresponsibles outside an asylum.

Similarly, he began by being on good terms with Southey, and after a meeting at Holland House, wrote enthusiastically of his prepossessing appearance.

[Perhaps no] scarcely any man ever wrote so much, and praised so few.

Lastly, it was highly improbable that, if he threw off a Character the ideas of which were so strongly impressed in every one's mind, however finely he might write in any new form, that he should meet with the same reception.

The play was written by Scribe specially for Rachel, and the French acting was better done by the other performers than the Greek.

598 adverbs to describe how to  writes  - Adverbs for  writes
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