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Some trees, as small Hickories, appear to have dropped their leaves instantaneously, as a soldier grounds arms at a signal; and those of the Hickory, being bright yellow still, though withered, reflect a blaze of light from the ground where they lie.

It is one of the genus Polypodium; root decumbent, thickly clothed with a very soft close hoal, of a deep yellow colour.

The red rim of the sun was pushing itself now above the distant sea, and the whole coast-line stood out brilliantly yellow against the rich deep blue beyond.

In the female all the parts which are black in her mate are light greenish-gray, and she is clear yellow where he is red.

The flush had swept from his bronze skin, leaving it a ghastly yellow, and for once in his life no oaths came to his lips.

They have coarse yellow green needles, too, but they aren't as long as the others.

To my amazement I saw that it was a great yellow panther, so trussed up that it was impotent to hurt.

The boy was apparently above 35 or 40 years of ageabout six feet highslightly yellow in the facevery long beard or whiskersand very stout built, and a stern countenance; and appeared to have been run away a long time.

The least conspicuous, and nevertheless very conspicuous, among those that I saw was the bientevido, which is brown above, yellow beneath, with a boldly marked black and white head, and a yellow crest.

The topmost leaves ripen first; they are then of a dark yellow color, and inflexible.

St. Peter's-wort, a low shrub, thrives everywhere in the pine barrens, and, without being especially attractive, its rather sparse yellow flowersnot unlike the St. John's-wortdo something to enliven the general waste.

Suddenly, as if entering a cavern, I stepped through the edge of all this, into a dark little amphitheatre beneath a hemlock-grove, where the afternoon sunlight struck broadly through the trees upon a tiny stream and a miniature swamp,this last being intensely and luridly green, yet overlaid with the pale gray of last year's reeds, and absolutely flaming with the gayest yellow light from great clumps of cowslips.

Great purple snapdragons hung from clefts in the rocks, inula flashed gorgeously yellow, white melilot raised its graceful drooping blossoms, and hemp-agrimony made the bees sing a drowsy song of the brimming cup of summer.

This species of Fern is a native of China, with a decumbent root, thick, and every where covered with the most soft and dense wool, intensely yellow.

"I thought my jolly yellow bird with the black cap came next.

SHAMROCK, a small trefoil plant, the national emblem of Ireland; it is matter of dispute whether it is the wood-sorrel, a species of clover, or some other allied trefoil; the lesser yellow trefoil is perhaps the most commonly accepted symbol.

Above this was a face, a baby face, with soft, pale eyes, and its head covered with curls of the lightest yellow, not arranged in artistic negligence, but smooth, even, and regular, as she so often had turned, twisted, and set them.

Among the flowers chiefly used for garlands and chaplets in ceremonial rites we find the rose, violet, anemone, thyme, melilot, hyacinth, crocus, yellow lily, and yellow flowers generally.

It lay like a little yellow serpent in Maudelain's palm.

And every one will say, As you squirm your wormy way, "If this young man expresses himself in terms that stagger me, What a very singularly smart young man this smart young man must be!" You may be a flabby fellow, and lymphatically yellow, that will matter not a mite.

A great many are merely yellow, more scarlet, others scarlet deepening into crimson, more red than common.

" "Then look for yourself and make up your mind for yourself," said Nash drily, for they topped a hill, and below them saw a mighty yellow flood pouring down the valley.

He found himself jogging in a rickshaw, while equatorial rain beat like down-pouring bullets on the tarpaulin hood, and sluiced the Chinaman's oily yellow back.

A basket of orangesprobably only yellow ballsstood on deck; and now began a charming display, accompanied by music from the quay.

His face looked very white, or rather pale yellow, like parchment, and his mouth was open.

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