6 adverbs to describe how to yelped

It surely was great to see them stretch out, yelping wildly.

He passed unnoticed, except by the filthy little Arab bootblacks who swarmed about him, trotting, capering, yelping cheerfully: "Mista Ferguson!polish, finish!can-cansee nice Frencha girlMista McKenzie, Scotcha fella from Dublinsmotta picturepolish, finish!"undertoned by a squabbling chorus.

On a bear hunt Bobby lost his shepherd ways and his kindly disposition, and yelped fiercely, and hung on a trail as long as any of the pack.

Instantly they broke away on the trail, joining their shrill yelpings to the clamor, so different from the ordinary stealthy wolf hunt, and filled with a nameless excitement which they did not at all understand till the reek of caribou poured into their hungry nostrils; whereupon they yelped louder than ever.

He yelped sharply, and the wolves raced in until four of them were neck-and-neck with him.

Once, before the sand covered it, a dog strayed in, and was heard yelping helplessly deep underground in a fort far inland.

6 adverbs to describe how to  yelped  - Adverbs for  yelped