8 Metaphors for 5

5. Wasn't the lady's brain a little "off" (cracked)?

5 is another kitchener, adapted for large families.

The 5. of December there came men out of the towne, and desired vs to stay, saying that there we might haue Cloues and Nutmegs as many as we woulde, bringing certaine banketting stuffe (as a present from their king) vnto Schelengers ship, because it lay nearest to the land, and they came most abord it.

I hope Sir Edward Clarke will agree that £5 is a reasonable tariff for an eyeglass.

11 P.M.At 5 there came signs of a break at last, and now one can see the land, but the sky is still overcast and there is a lot of snow about.

5. NUT was the wife of Seb and the mother of Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

5 is a transverse section, the right hand side showing the cylinder cut by a plane through the middle of the exhaust port, the left hand side being a section by a plane above, for the purpose of exhibiting more clearly the manner in which the steam is admitted to the valve chest; the latter having no pipes for this service, the steam enters below the valve, at each end of the chest, just as it escapes in the center.

5, 6, & 7, was an old custom in all ages in every commonwealth, so as they be not enforced, bibere per violentiam, but as in that royal feast of [4309] Ahasuerus, which lasted 180 days, "without compulsion they drank by order in golden vessels," when and what they would themselves.

8 Metaphors for  5