10 Metaphors for academy

Academies became colleges, and colleges, universities.

The 'Old Academy' were the disciples of Plato; the 'New Academy' (to whose tenets Cicero inclined) revived the great principle of Socratesof affirming nothing.]

It may, therefore, be inferred, that an academy of literature would be an establishment highly useful, and an honour to literature.

This, therefore, ought to be a serious care of every government, and for this purpose an academy where a regular course of instruction is given is an obvious expedient which different nations have successfully employed.

And Chet was in just as bad a fix, for Boxton Military Academy had been his dream even as Three Towers Hall had been Billie's.

This academy was Schiller's world from his fourteenth to his twenty-first year.

The Johnstown academy and churches were large square buildings, painted white, surrounded by these same sombre poplars, each edifice having a doleful bell which seemed to be ever tolling for school, funerals, church, or prayer meetings.

Some dancing academies, even in tenement house quarters, are reputable institutions, but to most of them the lowest of the low, both men and women, resort.

Among many fine buildings are the Transition Cathedral of St. Peter (1124), the Academy founded by Calvin and others.

" The academy at Exeter was then, as it still is, a famous place for preparing boys for college.

10 Metaphors for  academy