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65 Metaphors for « addressing »

65 Metaphors for « addressing »

  • The address was 18, Little Green-street; and, by diligently inquiring, he at length discovered the required place.
  • I have a funny kind of feeling that the right address is Hamilton House.'
  • "But her address is his address now, Mr. Conolly.
  • The inaugural address was not only an earnest appeal for peace, but a calm and steadfast announcement of the law-abiding policy of the government, and a putting of the responsibility for any bloodshed upon those who should resist the law.
  • If an IP address is your phone number, then your MAC address is your name.
  • The envoy's address was the Salisbury Hotel, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, which I thought a curious one, being in the very centre of the London newspaper district; and all the way up to town my suspicions of having to do with a 'plant' steadily increased.
  • His address is Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. MAXON, WILLIAM RALPH.
  • My permanent address is care of the 'dicky birds.'
  • The address of Felix in Blackwood's is really a commentary on the novel, or rather a fine and suggestive summary of the moral, social and political idea; it was meant to inculcate.
  • The Farewell Address was not a communication to Congress.
  • His address is Forty-nine Nevill's Court."
  • He had served in the army while on earth, and his address was curt, precise, and peremptory.
  • The address of the woman who is looking after her is Mrs. Cust, 25, Henry Street, Guildford.
  • It was indeed a touching sight to see the melancholy congregation to whom his address was deliveredmany, nay most of whom were on the verge of dissolution;and Leonard Holt was so moved by the almost apostolic fervour of the prelate, that, but for the thought of Amabel, he might have followed the example of several of the auditors, and devoted himself altogether to the service of the sick.
  • In Lawrence, Kansas, James Naismith has a road named in his honor, Naismith Drive, which runs in front of Allen Fieldhouse (the official address of Allen Fieldhouse is 1700 Naismith Drive), Kansas University's basketball arena.
  • (Her address is: R.R. #2, Hopkinsville, Ky.) Nannie Eaves: Nannie Eaves, age 91, born in McLain County, Ky. being a slave of William Eaves, never sold, address now R.R. #2, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
  • The fourth was in a registered envelopeand the address was typewrittenand the post-mark Edinburgh.
  • The mere address to people is not necessarily an exercise of powers or performance of constitutional duty.
  • The February address was assuredly a deciding factor in the great issue of the time, and it certainly belongs, therefore, with the historic documents of the republic.
  • Her telegraphic address, I should imagine, was "Fleecem."
  • If not to be found, his mother's address is, Mrs. Hazlitt, Mrs. Tomlinson's, Potters Bar.
  • The called Apogee, and the man who answered the phone said the address was Ho's campaign headquarters.
  • Cge's telling him she was gone away from her house, became so impatient to know where, and on what account she had left her, that this woman thinking it would be of advantage to her to own the truth, (for she did nothing without that view) turned off the imposition with a smile, and said, that perceiving the inclinations he had for her, she had sent her upstairs that no other addresses might be a hindrance to his designs.
  • Early the next morning the note was carried over to Midbranch by a messenger, who returned, saying that Mr Keswick had gone away, and that his present address was Howlett's in the same county.
  • That address, indeed, was all the indication that Aldobrand had given, though he constantly promised his attorney to let him have closer information as to Trenchard's whereabouts, in good time.
  • The large majority of sermons are read, though extempore address is now less infrequent than formerly.
  • Procter's address was 10 Lincolns Inn, New Square.
  • "He is fair in complexion and in his late 20s between the age of 27 and 30. His last known address is Isanlu, Kogi State.
  • That address was a stallwe know it was a stall.
  • Yes, the address was imperfect"Miss Lessways, c/o Osmond Orgreave, Esq., Lane End House, Knype-on-Trent," instead of "Bursley, Knype-on-Trent."
  • There was no attempt at rhetoric, but the address was pure logic from beginning to end, like an argument before the Supreme Court, and exceedingly forcible.
  • One may hear an elderly gentleman talking to a young girl of fourteen, or, better still, two such damsels talking together, and it is "your Excellency" at every sentence; and the prescribed address on an envelope is "Illustrissima Excellentissima Senhora Dona Maria."
  • Yet the address was a masterpiece of commemorative oratory.
  • The various addresses in which Mr. Palmer was interested, the election and installation of the Duke of Wellington as Chancellor, the enthusiasm and hopes called forth by the occasion, were public and prominent matters.
  • Miss Wright sailed from New York for France, where she still remains, in the month of July, 1830; and previous to her departure delivered an address, on which "the New York Enquirer" makes the following observations: "The parting address of Miss Wright at the Bowery Theatre, on Wednesday evening, was a singular melange of politics and impietyeloquence and irreligionbold invective, and electioneering slang.
  • The present address could not be misunderstood.
  • And now remember this; my address will be, Post-office, Melbourne.
  • Hence the addresses on occasions like this are generally stiff and studied, half-an-hour orations.
  • The address to workingmen which George Eliot put into the mouth of Felix Holt is a suggestive and valuable piece of political writing.
  • Hone's address is, 22 Belvidere Place, Southwark. '
  • My last address for the present[C] on the difficult questions that we have been considering here, Sunday after Sunday, is a plea for light.
  • The address was: "The praetors of Syracuse to the consul Marcellus."
  • The address is the Reichenburger Staße 16. In the beginning, Xenia di Montalban rented the apartment, because she wanted to make the Christopher-Bohlstädt-foundation.
  • No details were obtainable concerning Priam Farll, whose address was Poste Restante, St. Martin's-le-Grand.
  • This address is the one rift in the blank wall of anonymity which hides the individuality of the millions under Joffre.
  • The address for the Sylvanian Families Shop in London is 68 Mountgrove Road.
  • The address was: PRIVATE D.W. ROBERTS, Co. G, 7th N.C.
  • Our address will be Sandringham, Seaview Road, Bexhill, if you like to write just one line to say good-bye.
  • The address to which donations should be sent is: The Secretary, Notting Hill Day Nursery, Stoneleigh Street, Notting Hill, W. * * * * * INTERESTING EXAMPLE OF LONGEVITY?
  • The admirers whose addresses were a source of gratification to his mistress, were a perpetual uneasiness to him.
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