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128 Metaphors for  aging

128 Metaphors for aging

"A warlike, various, and tragical age is the best to write of, but the worst to write in."Cowley cor.

Golden age is an expression (or term) that people use when they are talking or writing about a time that is past, when everything seemed to be good.

Old age is not the cause of diseases for our pets, it is just a way to explain away logical reasons.

CRITICAL AGES The Dangerous Age is a phrase coined by a Scandinavian writer as a more dramatic euphemism for the time of life when sex function ceases, the climacteric.

Youth is | full of | sport, Age's | breath is | short, Youth is | nimble, | age is | lame; Youth is | hot and | bold, Age is | weak and | cold; Youth is | wild, and | age is | tame.

Well it thine age became, O noble Erpingham!

THE CELEBRITIES OF GENEVA BY FRANCIS H. GRIBBLE It has been remarked as curious that the Age of Revolution at Geneva was also the Golden Ageif not of Genevan literature, which has never really had any Golden Age, at least of Genevan science, which was of world-wide renown.

Age is a reverend and respectable condition, when it brings gravity and thought; but, if a young fool be tiresome, an old fool is contemptible.

[Sidenote: this three] taken note of it, the Age is growne so picked, [Sidenote: tooke] that the toe of the Pesant comes so neere the heeles of our Courtier, hee galls his Kibe.

"A man's age is an incident, a woman's a calamity."

CRITICAL AGES The Dangerous Age is a phrase coined by a Scandinavian writer as a more dramatic euphemism for the time of life when sex function ceases, the climacteric.

With the iron age came a chopper, called in Western India a "koita," with which he can hack his way through most of the obstructions of life.

Now as the whole age of the moon is but twenty-eight days, the moon instead of being new, was nearly as old as it could be.

For virtue now is neither more or less, And vice is only vary'd in the dress: Believe it, men have ever been the same, And OVID'S GOLDEN AGE is but a dream.

The typical lifespan is three years, but the maximum recorded age is 10 years 8 months.

THE MIDDLE AGES Chapter VI: THE HAN DYNASTY (206 B.C.-A.D. 220) 1 Development of the gentry-state 2 Situation of the Hsiung-nu empire; its relation to the Han empire.

Age and Other Masters "Blount Steward was the only master any of us ever had, outside of my ma's first masterthe one in Kentucky.

The force with which these two things made themselves felt as age came onthe disappointments attending his service to the Church, and the grandeur of the physical and social order of the world and its Divine sanction in spite of all that is evil and all that is so shortlived in itproduced a softening in his ways of thought and speech.

It is not easy to conceive that any age or nation was without some vessel, in which rivers might be passed by travellers, or lakes frequented by fishermen; but we have no knowledge of any ship that could endure the violence of the ocean before the ark of Noah.

The average age of drivers from North Bay shopping for car insurance at is 39 and male drivers (62%) outnumber their female counterparts (38%) by a significant margin.

Old age or sickness was no excuse; the sick and the infirm were brought up; every one's age was put down; a few years were added on to the children's, and taken off from the old men's.

I mean the age when you think you have shed all the illusions of infancy, when you think you understand life, and when you are often occupied in speculating upon the delicious surprises which existence may hold for you; the age, in sum, that is the most romantic and tender of all agesfor a male.

He said gravely: "I suppose the average age of these volunteers will be about eighteen.

Why, tys the onlye tye of faythfulines: Age is the onlye object of the harte, And by's experyence onlye hathe aspyrd Toth heyght of all perfectyon.

Moreover, the last ages preceding the present period were witnesses of a series of changes and slowly acting agencies of destruction, from which man may have in general escaped.

If age be a recommendation in rules as well as in melon-seed, this rule has it; for English authors published it, and French authors laughed at it, more than a century past!

" "'Believe me, youth (for I am read in cares, And bend beneath the weight of more than fifty years).' "Believe me, old age is the worst time we can choose to mend either our lives or our fortunes.

[Illustration: ] CHAPTER II THE SPOONBILL AND THE CLOUD As Martin grew in years and strength, his age being now about seven, his rambles began to extend beyond the waste grounds outside of the fenced orchard and gate.

When Death comes close, there is not one that dares To die; age is forgot and all its cares.

"When it comes to wheedling, age is no such bar.

The "Age of Reason" is their manual.

And the age of arteries is simply a matter of wear and tear, the resultant of the function which is universal among molecules.

This age will be a humbug, unless it can be wrought into an age of miracles.

Age is just a number, but how that number is perceived is subjective.

Mankind is committing suicide, and our age is an agony.

I suppose most unmarried men who have reached, or passed, the age of thirtyand I was then thirty-threeexperience a milder return of their adolescent warmth, a kind of fainter second spring, since the first has not fulfilled its promise.

Economic historian Karl Marx insisted that mass consciousness is conditioned by economic relations, and the information age is no exception.

Still, despite it all, the Age of Reason is a religious book, though a singularly unattractive one.

She said she was too old to think it necessary to be what is called desperately in love, and without feeling that his age was an objection or that the disparity was too great, yet, she said, if he had been a younger man she would have decided long ago.

A golden age of innocence, a fools' paradise, is a notion that is stupid and unmeaning, and for that very reason in no way worthy of any respect.

His age wasnā€™t a problem ā€” I was 45 ā€” but his status as a lifelong bachelor seemed like a red flag.

Their age was their innocence; and their deaths have given thee the infamy of a second Thebes.

Ages in expectation spent were poore And easy sufferings weigh'd against this triumph!

Old Age is likewise a great Decayer of your Idol: The Truth of it is, there is not a more unhappy Being than a Superannuated Idol, especially when she has contracted such Airs and Behaviour as are only Graceful when her Worshippers are about her.

Since old age is an exhaustion, permanent and irreparable of all the members of the ductless gland directorate, the reason becomes clear for the temporary quality of the rejuvenation effected by the procedures of Steinach.

If Milck ruled the world, schoolkids would have days full of music and trips to the ocean and workdays would include naps and "age would be a source of pride."

In Morovenia the discreet marrying age is about sixteen.

New Age is a compilation of metaphysical, Eastern-influenced thought systems.

As he writes: "Aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable."

It is the fashion to say, as if with superior knowledge of affairs and of human weakness, that every age has been an age of transition, and that no age is more full of change than another; yet in very few ages of the world can the struggle for change have been so widespread, so deliberate, or upon so great a scale as in this in which we are taking part.

Age is, in sooth, a fever cold, With frost of whims and peevish need: When more than thirty years are told, As good as dead one is indeed: You it were best, methinks, betimes to slay.

The "Age of Reason" is a shallow deistical essay, in which the author's opinions are set forth, it is true, in a most offensive and irreverent style.

His age was then just nineteen, and hers sixteen.

[Footnote 7: Any business or occupation during school hours, except in the United States Senate, and the age is absolute prohibition under twelve; twelve to fourteen without a dependency permit, and fourteen to sixteen without schooling certificate.]

old age is a disease of itself, loathsome, full of suspicion and fear; when it is at best, unable, unfit for such matters.

But the age of treadles in the great manufacturing trades is a thing of the past.

Shinbi age is 102 year old goblin.

The age was the jubilee of monsters.

Posterity, who will know nothing of our intervals, will conclude that this age was a succession of events.

Age is a plea in empire, not in love.

An age of unlimited declamation, an age of incessant talk, is a hotbed in which real depth and nobility of feeling runs miserably to seed.

That wonderful age, which gave to the world not only Shakespeare, Spenser and Jonson, but also Drake, Frobisher and Raleigh, was the Anglo-Saxon reaction to the Renaissance.

The Golden Age of Pop CD collection is the definitive music collection of the '50s.

While many of the playable characters in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity are heroes, that is not the case for absolutely all of them.

Despite the mixed review, Stone Age is a solid game that has a role in anyoneā€™s collection.

But the Age in which the Punn chiefly flourished, was the Reign of King James the First.

Usually I would succumb to the fact that age is not usually a necessity to elect leaders, however, for the survival of Students unionism and for it to grow to what it is expected as a voice of the Nigerian youths.

Every age is no doubt apt to exaggerate its own claims to mark an epoch.

Again, age may be an issue for some, but the High Republic looks like it is staying for the long haul, and Gios is already a Jedi Master, so who is to say Keanu would not be the perfect fit for the part age-wise.

I said that the ages of history were analogous to the ages of man, and that each age of literature was the truest picture of the history of its day; and for this very reason English literature is the best perhaps, the only teacher of English history, to women especially.

The age was coarse, not the mind of the author.

In a lonely reef on an unknown shore!" "Alas!" said the youth,and his eyes were wet, "Is old age merely a vain regret, The retrospect of wasted years, Of false ideals and lost careers?

The mad divineress had plainly writ, 490 A time should come (but many ages yet), In which, sinister destinies ordain, A dame should drown with all her feather'd train, And seas from thence be call'd the Chelidonian main.

I shall never forget him; not even if such a green old age as his should be my own portion.

Our own age is, in some respects, more Pagan than were the darkest times of mediaeval violence and priestly despotism, since we are reviving the very things against which Christianity protested as dangerous and false,the pomps, the banquets, the ornaments, the arts of the old Pagan world.

Although his age isnā€™t necessarily a deal-breaker, it is significant.

His past as well as his age are a mystery.

"Hoc age," is the great rule, whether you are serious or merry; whether you are stating the expenses of your family, learning science, or duty, from a folio, or floating on the Thames in a fancied dress.

For some sufficient cause, I drift, defer, Equivocate, dream, hazard, grow more stout, Age, am no longer Love's idolater,

Pope's Epistles are returned to the dead-letter office; the age is too loyal for "ruin seize thee, ruthless king," and the oldest inhabitant has forgotten "the curfew tolls.

And if the argument from structure to design is not invalidated by our present knowledge that our individual dog was developed from a single organic cell, how is it invalidated by the supposition of an analogous natural descent, through a long line of connected forms, from such a cell, or from some simple animal, existing ages before there were any dogs?

Age does us only indirect justice,by the value it gives to memory.

It would be a poor victory where age was the sole conqueror.

Age is an important factor in the problem, as a young man may do with ease and safety, what might be injurious to an older person.

The suggestion that age is a barometer that can be used to measure oneā€™s attitude and commitment to the total emancipation of Mother Africa would be entirely malicious.

The early age at which children are taken out of our National Schools, is an additional reason for commencing a regular and systematic discipline of their minds and wills, as soon as they are capable of profiting by it; and that is at the very earliest opening of the understanding, and at the first manifestation of a corrupt nature in the shape of a childish petulance and waywardness.

"Well, anyhow," said I, "age is not the only qualification.

"Well, and what age is your John?" "He's gooin' i' seventy-four."

Time is ever silently turning over his pages; we are too much engrossed by the story of the present, to think of the characters and anecdotes that gave interest to the past; and each age is a volume thrown aside to be speedily forgotten.

"Marama [the Duchess of Marlborough] has been for many Years a Grandmother; but Age is the smallest of her Imperfections:She is of a Disposition so perverse and peevish, so designing, mercenary, proud, cruel, and revengeful, that it has been a matter of debate, if she were really Woman, or if some Fiend had not assumed that Shape on purpose to affront the Sex, and fright Mankind from Marriage."

His age was thirty; his profession, omniscience; the wolf at his door, poverty; the skeleton in his closet, a consuming but unrequited passion.

Great artists had previously made themselves famous, like Miron, Polycletus, and Ageladas; but the great riches which flowed into Athens at this time gave a peculiar stimulus to art, especially under the encouragement of such a ruler as Pericles, whose age was the golden era of Grecian history.

The age which produced Chaucer was a transition period from the Middle Ages to modern times, midway between Dante and Michael Angelo.

Events, they make the dreamers quail; Satan's old age is strong and hale, A disciplined captain, gray in skill, And Raphael a white enthusiast still; Dashed aims, at which Christ's martyrs pale, Shall Mammon's slaves fulfill?

The Gerontology Research Group commented that this extremely high claimed age was "fiction" and "unbelievable".

The ages were of course in many cases mere approximations.

These show that the age of the cone is not less than eighty years.

It is not, therefore, as though great age were such a catch that it should demand all these delicate manipulations of diet, sleep, rest-cures, health-resorts, scourings, and temperatures, for its attainment.

Chronological age and biological age are two different measurements.

I suppose most unmarried men who have reached, or passed, the age of thirtyand I was then thirty-threeexperience a milder return of their adolescent warmth, a kind of fainter second spring, since the first has not fulfilled its promise.