90 Metaphors for aging

"A warlike, various, and tragical age is the best to write of, but the worst to write in.

Youth is | full of | sport, Age's | breath is | short, Youth is | nimble, | age is | lame; Youth is | hot and | bold, Age is | weak and | cold; Youth is | wild, and | age is | tame.

The Dangerous Age is a phrase coined by a Scandinavian writer as a more dramatic euphemism for the time of life when sex function ceases, the climacteric.

His age was thirty; his profession, omniscience; the wolf at his door, poverty; the skeleton in his closet, a consuming but unrequited passion.

Well it thine age became O noble Erpingham, Which didst the signall ayme, To our hid forces; When from a meadow by, Like a storme suddenly, The English archery Struck the French horses.

It has been remarked as curious that the Age of Revolution at Geneva was also the Golden Ageif not of Genevan literature, which has never really had any Golden Age, at least of Genevan science, which was of world-wide renown.

Arkansas (Very very black Negro woman) Age: 61 "My mother was Hulda Williams.

Age is a reverend and respectable condition, when it brings gravity and thought; but, if a young fool be tiresome, an old fool is contemptible.

" "A man's age is an incident, a woman's a calamity.

With the iron age came a chopper, called in Western India a "koita," with which he can hack his way through most of the obstructions of life.

Of what age is the day, fellow?

During this period I married again: your tender age, and the care you required, which my business and absence prevented my giving you, were the motives which induced me to take this step.

Old men with weather-beaten faces and untrimmed beards were there, young men with the marks that dissipation and passion indelibly stamp, awkward, gawky youths unconsciously aping their elders, smooth-faced youngsters in outgrown garments; all ages and conditions of the human frontier male were therebut in that zone not a single woman.

OVID'S GOLDEN AGE is but a dream.

An age of unlimited declamation, an age of incessant talk, is a hotbed in which real depth and nobility of feeling runs miserably to seed.

Age and Other Masters "Blount Steward was the only master any of us ever had, outside of my ma's first masterthe one in Kentucky.

The force with which these two things made themselves felt as age came onthe disappointments attending his service to the Church, and the grandeur of the physical and social order of the world and its Divine sanction in spite of all that is evil and all that is so shortlived in itproduced a softening in his ways of thought and speech.

If I had married a wife, mither, I might ha' been douce and still, And sat at hame by the ingle side to crack and laugh my fill; Sat at hame wi' the woman I looed, and wi' bairnies at my knee: But death is bauld, and age is cauld, and

Old age or sickness was no excuse; the sick and the infirm were brought up; every one's age was put down; a few years were added on to the children's, and taken off from the old men's.

I mean the age when you think you have shed all the illusions of infancy, when you think you understand life, and when you are often occupied in speculating upon the delicious surprises which existence may hold for you; the age, in sum, that is the most romantic and tender of all agesfor a male.

Why, tys the onlye tye of faythfulines: Age is the onlye object of the harte, And by's experyence onlye hathe aspyrd Toth heyght of all perfectyon.

Moreover, the last ages preceding the present period were witnesses of a series of changes and slowly acting agencies of destruction, from which man may have in general escaped.

If age be a recommendation in rules as well as in melon-seed, this rule has it; for English authors published it, and French authors laughed at it, more than a century past!

no age was e'er degenerate Unless men held it at too cheap a rate, For in our likeness still we shape our fate.

' "Believe me, old age is the worst time we can choose to mend either our lives or our fortunes.

90 Metaphors for  aging