26 Metaphors for alliance

That is why the unholy alliance between business and politics is the most dangerous fact in our political life.

The real-estate brokers who had taken him into partnership had done so only with the hope of profiting by his social connections; and in this respect the alliance had been a failure.

That we should avoid such alliances has become a maxim of our policy consecrated by the most venerated names which adorn our history and sanctioned by the unanimous voice of the American people.

This alliance between my rivals and the Free Companions was the last straw to my burden.

He sent into Flanders, even to Ghent, ambassadors charged to enter into negotiations with the burghers; and one of the most considerable amongst these burghers, Solver of Courtrai, who had but lately supported Count Louis in his quarrels with the people of Bruges, loudly declared that the alliance of the King of England was the first requirement of Flanders, and gave apartments in his own house to one of the English envoys.

Neither alliances nor neutrality are matters of principle, but simply of policy.

The 'Two Power' standard was dropped, and the Triple Alliance became the object of special attention at the Admiralty.

And as my prospects are not very bad, I presume we shall soon have leave to write again; and even to see each other: since an alliance with a family so honourable as Mr. Lovelace's is will not be a disgrace.

[g]; but this alliance became a fresh source of enmity between them.

The alliance between business and politics is the most dangerous thing in our political life.

The Triple Alliance has been the grand cause of the present situation; not because such a grouping of the Central European Powers was objectionable, but because it has inspired over-confidence in the two leading allies; because they have traded upon the prestige of their league to press their claims East and West with an intolerable disregard for the law of nations.

The Lady Cammilla entered heartily into all her stepson's ideas, and quickly, though doubtlessly regretfully, agreed with him that a brilliant foreign alliance was an absolute necessity.

He loved and reverenced the Czar; he feared and distrusted Napoleon; alliance with infidels against Christians was to him a horrible thought, but he knew how violent were the actions and lawless the desires of Nicholas.

It is obvious from these figures that a policy of isolation has long ceased to be possible to France; and that an alliance with Russia has been her only possible method of counterbalancing the numerical superiority of the German army, which is certainly not less well equipped or organized than that of France.

This man, knowing that Jerusalem was a famous city and that its kings had given great trouble to the Assyrians and the people of Coele-Syria, willingly gave his daughter, whose name was Nicaso, in marriage to Manasseh, thinking that this marriage alliance would be a pledge that the nation of the Jews would continue their good will toward him.

The attempted alliance of political economy with art was a novel undertaking in that sixth lustrum of the past century, even by a man of Mr. Ruskin's eminence and fame in the world of letters.

This Russian alliance of France has been the only step in her continental policy which could be challenged as tending to overthrow the European balance.

Who knows that the alliance with your pure and lovely daughter may not be the means specially ordained to rescue him from his present condition.

The Holy Alliance is a warning, which should not be forgotten.

The Triple Alliance on this date became the Quadruple Alliance, when Italy joined the Allies.

He was the friend and successor of Drusus, and his alliance with Marius was a means to the end which in common with Drusus he had in view, and not the end itself.

Nor was the alliance a less blunder on this occasion.

Their marriage alliances are drag-chains, not bonds of love.

Even Maximilian of Bavaria, Austria's most powerful ally, seemed disposed to yield to the seductive proposition of neutrality; while his suspicious alliance with France had long been a subject of apprehension to the Emperor.

Such an alliance is, as I have shown in another place, the Austro-German.

26 Metaphors for  alliance