18 Metaphors for altars

Our altar is the dewy sod Our temple yon blue throne of God: No priestly rite our souls to bind We bow before the Almighty Mind.

"Pay to the Lord thy vow," she said, "God's altar is a pleasant bed, From thence to heaven I'll rise.

In the towns and villages the strictest attention is paid to a close and regular attendance on public worship; and in the country districts, where churches are 'few and far between,' and the opportunities difficult, the private altar is every morning and evening duly served by the head of each family.

The altar is a bad place to begin your first lesson.

Our altar is the dewy sod Our temple yon blue throne of God: No priestly rite our souls to bind We bow before the Almighty Mind.

After she had learned of Rowan's love for her and had begun to return his love, the altar had thenceforth become the more personal symbol of their destined happiness.

The wealth lavished on the smaller chapels and shrines is prodigious, and the high altar, inclosed within a gilded railing fifty feet high, is probably the most enormous mass of wood-carving in existence.

The altar near the bed, having on it figures of Moses and Aaron, is, however, a serious fault and incongruity in this fine painting.

The windows and many of the altars are beautiful, and so are many of the banners, while the high altar is a great work of art; but the unreligious tone that this striving after effect produces, but without which the religionor so-called religionwould soon cease to exist, struck us as we entered, and increased with every step.

The walls are covered with gorgeous hangings of velvet embroidered with gold, and before the high altar, which glitters with precious stones, are four pillars of gilt bronze, said to be those which Augustus made of the spars of Egyptian vessels captured at the battle of Actium.

And Pharaoh's altars in their pomp disdain: To slight his gods was small; with nobler pride, He all the allurements of his court defied; Whom profit nor example could betray, But Israel's friend, and true to David's sway.

That in which the Altar is any humble spot pressed by the knees of the Unfortunate.

The high altar is a fine piece of workmanship; is of Gothic design, is richly carved, is ornamented with marbles, has a canopy of most elaborate construction, and is in good harmony with the general architecture.

The altar was a bare fir table, with a coarse stool for kneeling on, covered with a piece of thick sail-cloth doubled, by way of cushion.

Martyrdom was nothing to him; he knew that the altar which might stream with his blood, and the mound which might be raised over his remains, would become a cherished object of his fame and an expressive emblem of the power of his religion."

But "a month, a little month," ago, on this altar the French swore to maintain the constitution, and to be faithful to the law and the King; yet this constitution is no more, the laws are violated, the King is dethroned, and the altar is now only a monument of levity and perjury, which they have not feeling enough to remove.

"Like theirs, our altar is an empty throne; for it symbolises our worship of Him who dwelleth not in temples made with hands; whom the heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain.

The great earth under him an altar is, Upon whose top a sacrifice he lies, Burning to God up through the nightly skies, Whose love, warm-brooding o'er him, kindled his; Until his flaming thoughts, consumed, expire, Sleep's ashes covering the yet glowing fire.

18 Metaphors for  altars