71 Metaphors for amounts

In 1869 the total amount of imports and exports was 33,680,000 yen, and in 1879 64,120,000 yen.

The whole amount of infantry standing in battle-array was forty thousand, of cavalry ten.

The amount is a little over two hundred dollars.

Christ's teaching amounts, in effect, to these three fundamental principles: (1) Conform to the rational law of love to God and one's neighbor; this is the only ground of divine acceptance.

The total amount of masonry is 325,000 cubic yards.

Only, I believe a certain amount of hard practicality is the only wholesome treatment to apply to emotional and wordy people.


The value of everything that lasts for more than a moment is built in part upon incomes that are not actual, but expectative, whose amount, therefore, is a matter of guesswork, or "speculation."[10] Many unknown factors enter into the estimate of future incomes.

Assuming that the whole of this quantity was injected the amount taken would be forty five-hundredths, or about one twelfth of a grain.

The limited amount became a prize to be contended for.

The amount of the money which I had paid my master towards redeeming my time, was seventy-one pounds two shillings.

Neither he nor she were fitted by their habits, or indeed by the conditions of their health, to encounter much "roughing," and a certain amount of that was assuredly inevitablea good deal more five-and-twenty years ago than would be the case now.

The small amount of force under General Magruder was a secret which he could not be expected to know.

The amount which Ptolemy is said to have agreed to pay as the price of his restoration was two thousand talentsequal to ten millions of dollarsa sum which shows on how great a scale the operations of this celebrated campaign were conducted.

The amount of the population of the United States, determined by the returns of the census, is a source of the most pleasing reflections whether it be viewed in relation to our national safety and respectability or as a proof of that felicity in the situation of our country which favors so unexampled a rapidity in its growth.

The amount of moisture in the ground, the state of the soil in reference to the all-important question of whether it carries or not, the temperature of the air, and last, but not by any means least, the condition of the quarry, be it fox, stag, or hare, are all questions of vital importance, complicating matters and preventing a solution of the mysteries of scent.

The amount of imports in 1855 was: British goods, £136,496 7s.

The amount of work done by a suckler is about three fifths of that done by a full hand, a little increased toward the last...Pregnant women at five months are put in the sucklers' gang.

The amount of goods to be exchanged may change even when the amount produced is unaltered (e.g., a change from agricultural to industrial conditions).

The amount of power to be generated in both living and dead machines is simply a question of quality and quantity of provision for the purpose.

The amount of labor performed by the latter in a day would be the ploughing of a soane, about two-tenths of an acre.

I was traveling in a Pullman, not because of an abundance of funds, but because through my experience with my millionaire a certain amount of comfort and luxury had become a necessity to me whenever it was obtainable.

It is, perhaps, not superfluous to remark, that the amount of food, equal to the supply of the said four millions, is not the produce of an extended agriculture and proportionate outlay, but is just that part of the annual produce of the country, subtracted from the whole, which is at present required for the mere purpose of transportationi.e.

The average amount of sugar raised on it is two hundred hogsheads of a ton each, but this year it will amount to at least two hundred and fifty hogsheadsthe largest crop ever taken off since he has been connected with it.

It was the interest of the bank that the revenue collected and the disbursements made by the Government should be large, because, being the depository of the public money, the larger the amount the greater would be the bank profits by its use.

71 Metaphors for  amounts
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