11 Metaphors for angled

The northern is Petores, near which is the town of Messina; the south angle is Lilitem, near which is a town of the same name.

Mr. Ruskin lays it down as a law, that the acute angle in roofs, gables, spires, is the distinguishing mark of northern Gothic.

The Castle originally consisted of two rectangular towers, longer than broad, with walls of fifteen feet in thickness; they were connected by a square projection, and together formed a figure somewhat like the letter Z, saving that in the castle all the angles were right ones; this form gave mutual defence to every part of the building.

For example, they circled a bend of which the extreme delicate angle was a jutting pilaster five hundred feet broad and a mile high, its head towering in a sharp tiara far above the brow of the plateau, and its sides curved into extravagances of dizzy horror.

The shape is that of an obtuse angle rather than a crescent: one in my possession is twenty-six inches long, its greatest breadth two inches and a half, thickness half an inch, and the angle formed from the centre is 140 degrees.

Because all its angles are right angles, and its sides are equal.

But the angle c o c′ must be added to p o a″, in consequence of the motion of the mirror, or the angle of deviation will be a o a″ + c o c′; or a o a″ + c o c′ = d. (1)

The boundaries were prescribed, and this northwest angle was the commencement.

It may therefore be concluded that the northwest angle of Nova Scotia is no longer an unknown point.

Our angles are simply our shapes.

An angle is a triangle with only two sides.

11 Metaphors for  angled