7 Metaphors for annoyance

My greatest annoyance here is the infinite number of bugs and fleas, which infest me by day and night most intolerably.

The personal annoyance which he felt on this occasion was only a phase of the indignation which was often roused in him, by seeing the interests and feelings of the colony made the sport of party-speakers and party-writers at home; and important transactions in the province distorted and misrepresented, so as to afford ground for an attack, in the British Parliament, on an obnoxious Minister.

Their personal inconveniences were like the shilling that hides the moon, and, in the resentment they occasioned, blinded their hearts to the seriousness of the evils from which their merely temporary annoyance was the deliverance of their neighbors.

The only annoyance was the clouds of mosquitoes and large flies that assailed men and horses whenever they checked their speed.

Another annoyance sustained by persons who take the route through France is, the trouble respecting their passports, which must be ready at all times when called upon for examination, and may be the cause of detention, if the proper forms are not scrupulously gone through.

The astonishment with which her acquaintances in Berlin heard her announce her intention of going to seek help from a person to whom she had been less than a friend, could not be expressed in words; and she told me that the annoyance that they manifested was really the chief stimulus that decided her to come at last.

"'When you can bear with any discord, any annoyance, any irregularity or unpunctuality (of which you are not the cause),that is victory.

7 Metaphors for  annoyance