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309 Metaphors for  another

309 Metaphors for another

Another, like Horace's madman, is all joy; and it may seem even cruelty to cure him.

"You know that I have had an unhappy marriage which has overshadowed all my subsequent life, and I cannot help feeling very cautious how I risk, not only my own, but another's happiness in a second marriage.

Another was Mr. Bayne, at that time head-master of Warrington Grammar School, who used occasionally to assist in the services at Daresbury.

Another of my enemies was Pompeo, a Milanese jeweller, and near relation to his holiness's most favoured servant.

One is maha saraswati and another is neel saraswati.

Another of the individuals chosen to constitute that court was Colonel Henry Deas, now president of the Board of Trustees of Charleston College, and a few years since a member of the Senate of South Carolina.

As I was obliged to have a regular income for the support of my family, I acquiesced in the directors' decision, and soon, under the new incompetent management, the company failed; so another of my business enterprises, on the very verge of a grand success, became a defeat, and again the innocent were blamed for the acts of the guilty.

Another of the most notable gods worshiped at Benares is Ganesa, the first born of Siva and one of his horrible wives.

Catherine Steenbock, also another's bride, the bride of the Knight Gustavus.

Another, I am told, was a low sort of barberone of our shave-for-a-penny barbershere in London.

One centre of the insidious agitation is the fell goddess Kรกli's shrine near Calcutta; another is Puna, which has for centuries been a stronghold of the clannish Mรกrรกthรก Brahmans.

Another, of a very different stamp, was Simon Girty, of evil fame, whom the whole west grew to loathe, with bitter hatred, as "the white renegade."

One exception involves commercial activity that directly affects the U.S. Another is misconduct inside the U.S. under certain circumstances that is traceable to a foreign government.

Another of these church poets was Henry Vaughan, "the Silurist," or Welshman, whose fine piece, the Retreat, has been often compared with Wordsworth's Ode on the Intimations of Immortality.

Another was the old Rue Royale, its squat ground-floor domiciles drooping their mossy eaves half across the pinched sidewalks and confusedly trying to alternate and align themselves with tall brick houses and shops whose ample two-and three-story balconies were upheld, balustraded, and overhung by slender garlandries of iron openwork as graceful and feminine as a lace mantilla.

Another became a peddler, and was the oddest fellow I ever met.

Another of the companions of the Chicadee is the Brown Creeper, (Certhia familiaris,) of similar habits, and commonly seen moving in a spiral direction around the trunks and branches of trees, and, when he is conscious of being observed, keeping on the further side of the branch.

Another of my companions is the magnanimous Jack Scatter, the son of a country gentleman, who, having no other care than to leave him rich, considered that literature could not be had without expense; masters would not teach for nothing; and when a book was bought and read, it would sell for little.

Those originally suggested were somewhat cumbrous, e.g. Institution for the Promotion of Spontaneous Activity in Children; another was Self-Teaching Institution, and there was also the one which Madame Michaelis translated "Nursery School for Little Children."

Another point, which also found illustration in her books, is the vital connexion between the habit of devout communion with God in Christ and all the daily virtues and charities of religion; another still is the close affinity between depth in piety and the highest, sweetest enjoyment of earthly good.

Collado says the importance of understanding one another is ' most important theme.

"Letters to a Young Man About to be Married" was the full title, and another almost as applicable would have been "Bits Cut Out of a Story because They Prevented its Marching."

All of the directors are business women; one of the vice-presidents is Miss Elizabeth Browning, the city librarian, and another is the principal of one of the public schools.

Another, excellent result was the effort made by club owners to prevent the abuse of the right of free speech by that small element of the game's patronage which finds its greatest joy in abusing the players, secure in the knowledge that it is practically protected from personal injury in retaliation.

One is manly, another is dry, another stiff, and another flimsy; sometimes he discovers delicacy of style, and sometimes meets with strange expressions.

Another was a small motorized vehicle they each built with a computer in the driverโ€™s seat.

Another was a yellow flower, with four petals, a pale miniature California poppy.

" This information given by: Lewis Brown Place of residence: 808 W. Eighth, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Occupation: Retired minister Age: 84 Name of interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden Subject: Child Rearing Customs of Early Days "In them days, folks raised one another's chillun.

Another is a file; and he is a disputant, a controversialist.

Come lets be sad my Girles; That down cast of thine eye, Olympias, Shews a fine sorrow; mark Antiphila, Just such another was the Nymph Oenone, When Paris brought home Helen: now a tear, And then thou art a piece expressing fully

The men belong to three different nationsone is a Frenchman, another is a German, and the third is an Englishman.

One cape was a garden of flame-coloured carnations, another was a bed of roses and other fantastic flowers with twisted stamens and metallic petals.

Another on "Ethnology," in which he sought a scientific basis for his claim for the negro's equality with the white man, was not so popularwith white people.

Another of his ancestors was John Adams, a founder of the Plymouth Colony in 1620.

One such event was the fall of Vicksburg, which post surrendered at the same moment with the defeat at Gettysburg, rendering thereafter impossible all movements of invasion; and another was the advance of General Rosecrans toward Atlanta, which resulted, in the month of September, in a Southern victory at Chickamauga.

Another first marked by Innocents was Moby's unexpected choice of collaborators.

The worst feature of unionism is the lumping of all together, for where one man is hardly worth his salt, another is a good workman.

Another of them is Lord CURZON, who answered him to-night, and whose contempt for the Chamber which he now adorns seems to have grown with the years that he has spent in it.

To the southwest of this tumulus, about 40 rods from it, is another, more than 90 feet in height, which is shown on the plate representing these works.

Another was Duncan F. Kenner, who was long a slave trader with headquarters at New Orleans before he became a planter in Ascension Parish on a rapidly increasing scale.

Every each of them hath some vices, If one be full of villainy, Another hath a liquorish eye, If one be full of wantonness, Another is a chideress.


One had the sallow look of a weaver, another was a hind with a big, foolish face, and there was a slip of a lad who might once have been a student of divinity.

Another of my visitors was a divinely named but not otherwise divine Venus; it is a favourite name among these sable folk, but, of course, must have been given originally in derision.

Another was โ€œPanda push without toppling,โ€ where a robot arm had to push a vertically placed block to a location across a table without it toppling over.

Does it not more greatness prove, As among the beauteous stars, That one deity should be Mars, And another should be Jove, Than this blending God above With weak man below?

One day just before the start of summer break, Katsuhira is called by a mysterious girl named Sonozaki Noriko and chosen to become one of a group of people who share one another's pain: a "Kiznaiver."

Another of my haunts was the Convent and Maison de Sante of the Soeurs Augustines du Saint Coeur de Marie in the rue de la Sante.

Another of the Fathers of Confederation was the Honorable Edward Whalen, born in the county Mayo, who as a young man went to Prince Edward Island, where he gained great influence as a popular journalist.

When Susanna and I get talking, we do not waste time in trying to spare one another's feelings.

Another was Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle.

Another is voice technology, such as the HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger, a Windows Mobile-based smart phone.

80 He said, and sprung with swift career To trace a circle for the year, Where ever since the Seasons wheel, And tread on one another's heel.

Another is, the fact that the adverse critics missed their mark.

Another of my haunts was the Convent and Maison de Sante of the Soeurs Augustines du Saint Coeur de Marie in the rue de la Sante.

They were near enough to each other in age to share one another's studies and games, and, living a very retired life, depended largely on each other for companionship.

Another of its features was the number of old ruined farmhouses we came on, standing side by side with the new, more ambitious homesteads.

Another was a mighty centre-table, fit for the halls of the Scandinavian gods, consisting of a solid prop or pedestal twelve feet high, swelling out at the top into a leaf fifteen feet across.

Another is Brigadier General Abd Rabbo Laakab, who is only in his late 30s but looks even younger than that โ€“ and who never smiles.

Another of Hongi's triumphs was at Rotorua in the Hot Lakes districtthe land of the Arawa tribe.

To which question, one shall answer, I am the Lord's; another, I am one of old Jacob's family and offspring; another, if you desiderate my name, look the covenant subscriptions and you will find it there; another shall say, whatever my name was before, my sirname now is an Israelite.

Another of his names was Acolmiztli, usually translated "arm of the lion," from aculli, shoulder, and miztli, lion.

Hate one another was the order of the day.

One of them was a woman who had been imprisoned for eleven years, by order of the Governor General, but without any charges ever having been presented against her; another was a woman who had been in jail for three years on a vague charge, never formulated, of having carried a basket of cartridges to an insurgent.

In a minute, with a leather buckler on his left arm, he was parrying the thrusts and blows of six men, driving and so crowding them on one another's toes that only two could seriously answer the terrific flailing of his own ash stick.

Another was of opinion, that a brave man might be afraid of crossing the river in the calmest weather, and declared, that, for his part, while there were coaches and a bridge, he would never be seen tottering in a wooden case, out of which he might be thrown by any irregular agitation, or which might be overset by accident, or negligence, or by the force of a sudden gust, or the rush of a larger vessel.

One, by one of those strange transformations in which the logic of unreason indulges, the image of Diana of the Ephesians, which fell down from Jupiter; another was the Ancile, the holy shield which fell from the same place in the days of Numa Pompilius, and was the guardian genius of Rome; and several more became notable for ages.

Another is, the large rent which is paid for shops in certain situations, near a great thoroughfare for example, which have no advantage except that the occupier may expect a larger body of customers, and be enabled to turn over his capital more quickly.

HANNO, the name of several eminent Carthaginians, one of whom, surnamed the Great, was a persistent opponent of the Barcine faction, headed by Hamilcar; and another was a navigator who made a voyage round the western coast of Africa, of which he left an account in his "Periplus" or "Circumnavigating Voyage."

At this a great shout went up, and all the yeomen shook one another's hands for joy.

Another was the marriage of Mr. Abraham Black to Miss Susan Whitcomb, and Fanny had wondered if she were related to the Whitcombs of Hadley.

While she pretends to make the graces known Of matchless Mira, she reveals her own; And when she would another's praise indite, Is by her glass instructed how to write.

Another, a subtler theme was theirs that night; not in the line but in the interline it ran; and listening to the hunter's ruder tale, I heard as one may hear the night bird singing in the storm; amid the glitter of the mica I caught the glint of gold, for theirs was a parable of hill-born power that fades when it finds the plains.

Another was the "Pear-tree" Cottage, an uninteresting red brick house, where Mr. Rogers provided a residence for the young curate.

Another was a little poem, which she laughingly called his and not hers.

Five of them are middle-aged, another is a young boy with very long hair, another is a man who mourns.

Another of Cicero's favourite correspondents was Papirius Paetus, who seems to have lived at home at ease, and taken little part in the political tumults of his day.

Dr. Barnard found his first ally in Miss Peabody, one of whose sisters was married to Nathaniel Hawthorne, while another was the wife of Horace Mann.

Of course one would pay no attention to an elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, and hippotigris being killed in the theatre, but he took equal pleasure in having gladiators shed the greatest amount of one another's blood.

The only judgment we have a right to make upon one another is the free and truthful living of our own lives."

Another, no doubt, is the impulsive vehemence of the South.

Here was another, distinct culture and way of living, another history, another way of living economically and an entirely different politics.

One was Abraham Goldstein, another was George Curtis, who liked Migwan very well and hated Abraham cordially; the other two were girls.

Another that was cut down in the King's River forest was about the same size, but nearly a thousand years older (2200 years), though not a very old-looking tree.

Another was about a missionary who had been eaten by a tiger.

Eagles did not scruple to steal from one another, horses ate one another's fodder; why human beings should not do likewise had always puzzled Mr. Hyde.

Another is methaqualone, also known as Quaalude.

And, while it made me happy, it made me miserable because I foresaw, as plainly as my own success, another's failure.

Those first hermits did certainly understand this principle, when they retired into Egyptian solitudes, not singly, but in shoals, to enjoy one another's want of conversation.

Now as Sir Launcelot drew nigh he perceived that those were four very famous noble knights of the Round Table; to wit: one of those knights was his own brother, Sir Ector de Maris, another was Sir Gawain, another was Sir Ewain, and the fourth was Sir Sagramore le Desirous.

Another, and even more essential part of the harness is the collar.

Another was the crushing to death of a young mother who, with her two children, had been happily on their way to meet the husband who had been in South America for a year.

That is never done away with; another is hope, and the third and sure abiding thing is love, which is three-thirds in the heart, and out of the heart are the issues of life; the heart is often wiser than the head.

Another and scarcely less important purpose is the interpretation of this literature in essays by scholars and authors competent to speak with authority.

Another was God's goodness to him in sparing both the mother and the child in spite of his fear that he should lose them.

"'You're another' certainly isn't a statutory legal plea, but as a practical defense" "Tit for tat!" said Mr. Edgerton playfully.

Another is the ecdysozoans, comprising the arthropods (insects, lobsters, spiders, millipedes), and other moulting animals such as roundworms.

Another is the form of screw already represented in fig.

Another was the Hong Kong Link Road, which was convert and close to Hong Kong.

They would seize one another by the head and grind their knuckles into one another's wool.