230 Metaphors for answer

And the answer, then, is my rose and my letter returned, and no word else.

This time the answer was a clear affirmative, and the child's heart was filled with rapture.

We should admit its occurrence as freely as it is asserted by the bitterest and most unfair of our critics; and we should recognize the truth of what has been well said on the subject, that the only possible answer to the attacks that have been made on the national character for military capacity and courage is victory.

He asked what was the object of making such a din, to which the answer was, "Oh, juist, my lord to ca' the workmen together!"

His answer was a few inarticulate mutterings, between which, the spasmodic twitching of his fingers became more apparent than before.

The instant answer to that was a regular volley of shots from in front.

The deceased answers, "It is Osiris," and the god says, "Come forward, then; for verily thou shalt be mentioned [to him].

The answer is "France" . . .

This was the question that Hertz asked himself, and the answer was, the ether.

"If, out of hand, one were asked who, now living, knows most about the Brontës in a personal way, the answer would probably be, Lord Crewe."The Book Monthly.

Kazan's answer was an ominous rolling of smothered thunder deep down in his throat.

The answer is, her humanityher trustful honesty."

But this frank but unwise answer was not pleasing to his counsel, who would have advised, no doubt, a more general and less precise reply.

The answer was a frank demand for the surrender of the Hut, and all it contained, to the authorities of the continental congress.

The only answer to this was a sharp whizzing sound, and an arrow, passing close to his ear, quivered in a tree beyond.

The answer of Congress was the grudging consent to some naval preparations already recounted.

and the answer will be, D. Ask, Is it a vowel or consonant, and they will reply, A consonant; but ask, Why do you know it is D, and the answer will probably be,

The first answer was an impact that shook the ground under him, and then he heard a noise like a huge ripping explosion.

The answer is: Soul before sex.

Under any other circumstances, he would have answered cheerfully and frankly enough; but now he felt miserable at his morning's rencontre, and his answers were short and sheepish, his only desire being to get away as soon as possible.

Christ's answer is the parable of Dives and Lazarus, with which the chapter closes.

The answer was a denial, not merely of the prayer of the petition, but of the very right of petition!

The answer was a rather anxious negative; though the query could have been answered affirmatively by the conductor and motorman of an early morning electric car which ran to the farthest outskirts of the eastern suburb of the city.

Our answer is the action we took in 1870.

One answer there was: a storm.

230 Metaphors for  answer