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324 Metaphors for  answer

324 Metaphors for answer

And the answer, then, is my rose and my letter returned, and no word else.

The answer is an enthusiastic yes.

This time the answer was a clear affirmative, and the child's heart was filled with rapture.

He asked what was the object of making such a din, to which the answer was, "Oh, juist, my lord to ca' the workmen together!"

He says the answer is โ€œusually a gift that has meaning behind it,โ€ which will help you determine where their values lie.

His answer was a few inarticulate mutterings, between which, the spasmodic twitching of his fingers became more apparent than before.

The instant answer to that was a regular volley of shots from in front.

The answers to these questions should be โ€œquotesโ€ from the future like Youโ€™re one of the happiest people I know.โ€

The answer is "France" . . .

This was the question that Hertz asked himself, and the answer was, the ether.

Kazan's answer was an ominous rolling of smothered thunder deep down in his throat.

The short answer is investment, which means incurring effort and expenditure now for a return later.

From May to February her answer to this was the only prompt reply he ever received from her.

It was the old, well-tried captain of Ronleigh who spoke, and the boys of Ronleigh who listened, and the manner in which the words were given and received might have reminded one of a speech of Sir Colin Campbell's in the Indian Mutiny, and the answer of the Highlanders he addressed: "Ninety-third, you are my own lads; I rely on you to do yourselves and me credit."

Simply, my answer is passion.

The correct answer is D. Major Shaitan Singh.

The answer was a frank demand for the surrender of the Hut, and all it contained, to the authorities of the continental congress.

A BETTER ANSWER Dear Chloe, how blubbered is that pretty face!

The only answer to this was a sharp whizzing sound, and an arrow, passing close to his ear, quivered in a tree beyond.

The answer of Congress was the grudging consent to some naval preparations already recounted.

The first answer was an impact that shook the ground under him, and then he heard a noise like a huge ripping explosion.

The answer is: Soul before sex.

The other side believes the answer is a more creative politics of persuasionโ€”simultaneously engaging and reassuring voters who are skeptical of undiluted progressivism but can be coaxed into backing Democrats through more pragmatic appeals.

Christ's answer is the parable of Dives and Lazarus, with which the chapter closes.

His only answer was a louder yell than ever.

The answer was a denial, not merely of the prayer of the petition, but of the very right of petition!

In the case of Artificial Intelligence, the answer to โ€˜what is this reducing the cost of?โ€™ is prediction.

And the answer was icy silence.

The answer was a rather anxious negative; though the query could have been answered affirmatively by the conductor and motorman of an early morning electric car which ran to the farthest outskirts of the eastern suburb of the city.

Our answer is the action we took in 1870.

When he heard my mother sing it he was quite satisfied, and I remember he asked her if she thought it had ever been printed, and her answer was, "Oo, na, na, sir, it was never printed i' the world, for my brothers an' me learned it frae auld Andrew Moor, an' he learned it, an' mony mae, frae are auld Baby Mettlin, that was housekeeper to the first laird o' Tushilaw."

One answer there was: a storm.

He knows them all and could tell us, but his only answer to every question is a beating.

One county said the answer was easy: zero.

The answer to that question is a fellow by the name of Philip Brickman, a 34-year-old rising star at Northwestern University.

The answer to all of these questions is some combination of โ€œyesโ€ or โ€œsure.โ€

The answer to his question was a return of confidence in full tide, and resolving to be leisurely he looked about in the woods for his new camp.

The ambassadors being dismissed, Verginius reminded the soldiers that a little while before they had been embarrassed in a matter of no very great difficulty, because the multitude was without a head; and that the answer given, though not inexpedient, was the result rather of an accidental agreement than of a concerted plan.

The short answer I have about why so few women are leading companies through IPOs is that the game that needs to be played to get there has been designed, defined, and largely played by men (white men in particular).

The answer was the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program.

Now the answer to this is so simple and so clearly no fault of the Lubricator that I am entirely satisfied that by recommending either of these Lubricators you will get value received; and here is a good place to answer the above query.

The answer to part 4. is the difference between the area of the sector (part 2.) and the area of the triangle (part 3.).

The answer was a concerted rush for the stairs and in another minute the girls were out in the bright sunlight, running to meet the stage.

The answer, though, is clearly zilch, seeing as when Court lets Mike touch the staff, it gives off not even a flicker.

And the answer is 'Egypt and India.'

The true answer to which is: "A letter is an alphabetic character, which commonly represents some elementary sound of human articulation, or speech.

The primary answer would be: Personality itself, human desires, subjectivity generally.

The answer to that question was the one point that the sharp-mustached, sardonic little Arthur Griffith, founder of Sinn Fein, wanted the American delegates from the Philadelphia Race Convention to carry back to America.

The answer is that the minds of the persons present who knew the dead person tend to influence the appearance of the nebulous spirit form.

But the true answer is that knowledge, and therefore civilization, are advanced by criticism and negation, as well as by construction and positive discovery.

The answer was three raps.

The answer is your lead paragraph.

Pulin did not emerge from this ordeal with credit, and the boys concocted a written complaint of his shortcomings, which they despatched to the Secretary of the School Committee, The answer was a promise to redress their grievances.

The answer to the query respecting the meaning of "per serjantiam Marescautiae," is the Serjeantry of Farriery, i.e. shoeing of the king's horses.

To the person who complains that he has never met Dick Swiveller or Micawber or Mrs. Gamp the answer is simply Turner's to the sceptical critic of his sunset, "Don't you wish you could?"

His answer was a shrug with his palms extended and a short, disclamatory "Ah."

The answer in one word is consecration.

" "Then your last answer was a falsehood, Ellen: it is full seven weeks since my husband addressed the household on the subject.

Thus it the answer be "Relief (friend with the countersign, patrol, etc.)," the sentinel will say, "Advance one with the countersign"; then "Advance, relief (friends, patrol, etc.).

In either case, but particularly perhaps in Taddeo's picture, the answer to Christ's question, which Leonardo at Milan makes so dramatic, is a foregone conclusion.

Esther's only answer was another kiss, but when she had hurried out of the room, Jane found something round and wet upon her hand.

When questioned as to the number of Indians engaged, the answer has invariably been, 'None of us knew; nina wicoti,' which means 'very many lodges.'

The answer to that, Mr. Speaker, is the maximum fine, financially - there are actually two components to it.

'With Jack, the simple answer is Mason Greenwood': Gareth Southgate reveals he left out Aston Villa talisman.

And the almost invariable answer has been the power of God.

The category was American History and the answer was "Types of it you could find in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773 included Souchong & Bohea".

The most general answer is divine intervention by beings above and beyond mankind.

And if any one of you answers in his heartthese are good words, and all very well: but they come too late.

According to E! News, one Twitter user commented that the Guardians of the Galaxy actor "was banished from Chris Island years ago," while another said: "Y'all know the answer is always Pratt."

we asked, and the answer was: "The old student from Upsala.

The answer, predictably, is more phone calls, more Zoom meetings and more social media.

To break the force of the vulgar objections and outcry that have been raised against the Modern Philosophy, as if it were a new and monstrous birth in morals, it may be worth noticing, that volumes of sermons have been written to excuse the founder of Christianity for not including friendship and private affection among its golden rules, but rather excluding them.[A] Moreover, the answer to the question, "Who is thy neighbour?"

The answer is obviousNone at all!

After a while the same question was asked again: "Who is speaking now?" And the answer was: "Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.

The apothecary's answer was a low, preoccupied one.

But all the answer she got from the offended Jamie was a bitter rejoinder, "Weel, then, neist time they sall get nane ava!"

The final answer is "25 miles per gallon".

The pope, deserted by all, even by his own nephew, tried to touch the heart of Colonna himself, whose only answer was a summons to abdicate, and to surrender at discretion.

The answer is, her humanityher trustful honesty."

Boabdil demanded of them what was to be done in their present extremity; and their answer was, "Surrender."

Joe's answer was a swift turning on his heel, and he strode away with never a word.

When the course is Poker 101, taught by uOttawa Associate Professor Pieter Hofstra, the answer is a full house of 200 students.

She did not answer promptly: and her answer, to my surprise, was a protest against her name: for a rather sulky, yet gentle, voice came from the darkness, saying: 'I am not a Poisoner!'

The answer was Von Heeringen.

This answer, so contrary to all the accepted usages of war, which reserve such payments till after the conclusion of peace, was no empty gibe; for when, some time before the preliminaries had been signed, the British and American commissioners met to effect an exchange of prisoners, the Americans began by claiming the immediate payment of what the British prisoners had cost them.

Ike's first answer was a look.

I think the answer is guarantees or assurances or undertakings were given in respect to this matter.

and the answer is Cologne Cathedral or the Bank of England."

The answer to it was a spurt of low-running horses with a white cloud of dust behind, and Corson laughed aloud in his glee.

"Of course I wrote at once to Selwood Terrace, as soon as I got home, but I had the wrong number, somehow, and I kept waiting and waiting for an answer, and the only answer I received was the returned letter.

The answer is not money: China remains a relatively small contributor to the WHOโ€™s $6 billion budget.

But there is a better question than that, and it is this"What shall they have that preserve the little dears?" and the answer (if I can do anything to influence it) ishonour and support; for there can be no doubt that in these critical times, when the life of the best and bravest and strongest is so cheap, no duty is more important than the cherishing of infancy.

But the answer always was: "Bread?

His answer to their address was the simple and natural expression of this feeling.

"Then when he ask'd us, knight by knight, if any Had seen it, all their answers were as one: 'Nay, lord, and therefore have we sworn our vows.'

came to his house and sad somthing to his wife somthing concerning Mercy and his wifes answer was Oh poor creature upon yt Mercy mad answer & sd poor creature indeed & sd shee had been tormented all night.

The answer is simple-the arm of the collection plate doesn't reach into one's living room.

When I asked why not the nonprofits or the public parks, the answer would be some variation of โ€˜What is that?โ€™ or โ€˜They always telling you what to do.โ€™

Mr. Speaker, that answer is an absolute insult to Canadians.

You could read the question; but there seemed to be a menace at the back of it, as if the answer were a right and not a favour.