4 Metaphors for apparels

It seems to me that their apparel and their gear and their garments are the blaze of a royal house from the plain.

He then said, "Do as you please; but wait a moment, that I may go to the princess and in her presence mention [the circumstance]; and as you wish to depart [be it known to you], that all the wearing apparel and bedding, also the vessels of silver and gold, and the jewelled vessels in this guest's apartment, are your property; whatever directions you may give for the purpose of taking them away, an arrangement

His apparel was spruce and neat, but not showy, and well became him; while his deportment, even under the blissful circumstances in which he was placed, had a sobriety and decorum about it really surprising, and which argued well for his future good conduct.

" They swore on their honor, and the miserable old man, whose fine apparel was only a disguise, rose and left them.

4 Metaphors for  apparels