15 Metaphors for asset

The country was poor, and its only important economic asset was the trade in metals, timber, and other southern products; soon there came also a growing overseas trade with India and the Middle East, bringing revenues to the state in so far as the goods were re-exported from Wu to the north.

I started as the son of a broken-down nobleman, my material assets being a trumpery title.

But while it was obvious that the greatest asset of belligerent nations is the labor of women, while learned societies and organizations of women laid down rules for their safe and permanent employment, the British Government showed marked opposition to the new workers.

Perhaps its most valuable single asset from the human viewpoint is its topsoil.

But our greatest asset always was a newspaper.

Indeed, the grocer's chief assets were a really expansive friendliness and a pleasant, easily provoked laughter.

And when Bud came to that point in his career when he summed up his past and found that his chief asset was experience, garnished with a somewhat worn outfit of pack-saddles, tarps, bridles, chaps, and guns, he sighed heavily.

Though admired and sought after by the womenso much so that at his death his chief assets were locks of hair, the only things he could not have turned into moneyhe never married.

His drinking habit was growing on him, and afloat or ashore he was now little more than a figurehead, so that my chief asset as far as he was concerned, was rather his reputation than his direct influence.

Our Government has left the development of the country's resources to private enterprise, and the only assets from which it derives a revenue are the Post Office buildings, the Crown lands and some shares in the Suez Canal which were bought for a political purpose.

At all events she shone like a great cocotte among her competitors, though her real asset was a line of risqué stories, and a certain gift for low songs.

His last asset was a trivial though unusual talenta natural manual dexterity cultivated since childhood to amuse himselfsomething he never took seriously.

The failure of my stockbroker and my notary has ruined me, and while I owe nearly four million francs, my assets are only a quarter of my debts.

But his greatest asset, of which he was blissfully unconscious, was a big, homely love for things human and for animals; a love that set him apart from his fellows who looked upon men and horses and dogs as merely useful or otherwise.

He went into the Bankruptcy Court and Scheduled $73,000 of Liabilities, the Assets being a Hat-Box and a Set of Theatrical Posters.

15 Metaphors for  asset