16 Metaphors for attachment

But these old attachments are a kind of idolatry to mea false worship.

LOCAL ATTACHMENT OF THE LOBSTER.It is said that the attachment of this animal is strong to some particular parts of the sea, a circumstance celebrated in the following lines: "Nought like their home the constant lobsters prize, And foreign shores and seas unknown despise.

That fond attachment to municipal self-government, without which there is no provincial freedom possible, is a fundamental feature of our national character.

Fanny Harville was a very superior person, and his attachment to her was indeed attachment.

The Australian's attachment to his wife is evidently a good deal like his love of his dog.

Nevertheless, Darcy's growing attachment to Eliza was little dreamt of by that young lady.

The community are agreed, in theory, that personal attachment to the Supreme Being is the duty of every human soul; and every parent, with exceptions so few that they are not worth naming, wishes that his children should cherish that affection, and yield their hearts to its influence.

And in the warm homage, the evident attachment she had awakened in the man before her, there was for Eugénie at the moment a peculiar temptation.

The conjugal attachment and grief at the loss of a spouse which these two legends tell of, are things the existence of which in Greece no one has ever denied.

" "Perhaps," said Gertrude, in a low tone, "they may have heard, that attachment to this description of conversation is a foible of Mrs de Lacey.

For me to go to Dr. Khayme and explain to him that my attachment to him is not a piece of hypocrisy played by me in order to win his daughter, would not be satisfactory to the Doctor or to me, or even to Miss Khayme.

It should be observed, that Mr. O'Reily's attachment to the cause of freedom in the colonies, is not a mere partizan feeling assumed in order to be in keeping with the government under which he holds his office.

Monckton had no idea that his unknown antagonist Nurse Easton had married the pair, but the very attachment, as the chatter-box of the Dun Cow described it, was a bitter pill to him.

His prior attachment was not, however, the only reason which should have deterred Mademoiselle de Guise from thus suffering her fancy to overcome her better feelings, as M. de Bellegarde was accused of having been accessory to the assassination of her father; but neither of these considerations appears to have had any weight with the young Princess.

Her attachment to Paul was not the impulse of girlish caprice, but the warm affection of a woman, that had grown with time, was sanctioned by her reason, and which, if it was tinctured with the more glowing imagination and ample faith of youth, was also sustained by her principles and her sense of right.

The father little knew the feeling she possessed; he had thought that her attachment to her rustic lover was only a girlish fancy, and that she would speedily forget him; but now her despairing look frightened him.

16 Metaphors for  attachment