17 Metaphors for automobiles

* An automobile, however, on one occasion, came nearer its mark.

It does not admit of smart gowns and gay trappings; it is the last product of a mechanical age, the triumph of mechanical ingenuity, the harnessing of mechanical forces for pleasure instead of profit,the automobile is the mechanical horse, and, while not as graceful, is infinitely more powerful, capricious, and dangerous than the ancient beast.

The automobile really was a "magnificent animal," as Aunt Lil said, and it took her just two minutes, after examining it from bonnet to tool-boxes, to make up her mind that she could not be happy without it.

He was now licensed to drive, and the yellow automobile was his, body and soul.

"Yes, I guess automobiles are a good thing," admitted Bob absently.

ISAAC F. MARCOSSON Every automobile that you see is a link in a chain of steel and power which, if stretched out, would reach from New York to St. Louis.

As a matter of law, the automobile is a vehicle, and has precisely the same rights on the highway that a bicycle or a carriage has.

The automobile is at present the champion speed-maker, the fastest means of propelling himself man has yet invented.

The automobile is no respecter of persons or places; it pants with impatience if brought to a stand for so much as a moment before a house or monument of interest, and somehow the throbbing, puffing, impatient machine gets the upper hand of those who are supposed to control it; we are hastened onward in spite of our better inclinations.

Electric automobiles are the most simple of all the self-propelled vehicles.

The automobile had become a menace to life and limb.

To the farmer the automobile is a traction engine, and he advises the route accordingly; he will even speculate whether a given bridge will support the extraordinary load.

We missed the Limited, telephoned Mrs. Bates, and she told us that her automobile was at the corner of th Avenue and L Streeta bright blue automobile with a cane streamerand we should get in and the driver would come and take us out to Bates Villa.

These things, if borne in mind, will serve to throw into stronger relief the things that an automobile can do, and to supply a substantial basis for the premise that, at least in some respects, the automobile is the most marvelous machine the world has yet seen.

The automobile is a pretty fair touchstone to manners for both young and old.

" "On the contrary, the automobile is the one absolutely fit conveyance for America.

The old-time automobiles were cumbrous affairs, with clumsy boilers, and steam-engines that required one man's entire attention to keep them going.

17 Metaphors for  automobiles