14 Metaphors for baker

"I begin to think that the baker is the best of the lot of them," he said to himself ruefully, as he rolled his empty wallet between his fingers.

Baker and Bandholtz were regular army officers.

Mary Baker was the daughter of Mark and Abigail (Ambrose) Baker, and was born in Concord, N.H., somewhere in the early decade of 1820-'30.

Dr. Baker was a learned and pious man.

And if the worst should come to the worst before he gets back, why I'll just abdicate, that's all, and the baker can be king and

The Colonel rushed to the door and called for help, and in a moment John Baker and Mrs. Milton and Julia Clifford were round poor Walter's chair with brandy and ether and salts, and every stimulant.

As long as he lived, Colonel Baker was always grateful to me fo' savin' his life.

Baker was a keen observer and he had abundant experience on which to base the following conclusions (148):

Baker was a grandson of De Foe.

This same Harry Baker is such a necessary fellow to go on errands as you shall not find in a country.

Thus the lord chamberlain had jurisdiction over the drapers, mercers, furriers, shoemakers, tailors, and other dealers in articles of wearing apparel; the barbers were governed by the king's varlet and barber; the head baker was governor over the bakers; and the head butler over the wine merchants.

Dr. Baker became from this time an active coadjutor also, and continued so to his death.

Mr. Baker was the owner of a grocery store; of the others, one was the proprietor of the St. Charles hotel, New Bremen; the second was a young lawyer, the third was a clerk in the "Planter's House."

So the bakers, called pistores from the old practice of pounding the grain in a mortar (pingere), soon became a very important and flourishing section of the plebs, though never held in high repute; and in connexion with the distributions of corn some of them probably rose above the level of the small tradesman, like the pistor redemptor, Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, whose monument has come down to us.

14 Metaphors for  baker