7 Metaphors for barlows

It has been said that George Barlow, the companion of Sebastian Cabot, was an Irishman.

Barlow was the central figure.

Barlow was the only man in the room who showed not the slightest emotion.

Barlow had been a sad puzzle to the faculty, good men, often perplexed to know what to do with him or what would become of him.

Mrs. Barlow was a tall, superbly formed woman, very handsome, and full of health and spirits.

What a bore Barlow is!

The Vernondale young people were quite ready to provide pleasures for Patty's guests, and the appreciation shown by Nan and the Barlows was a decided and very pleasant contrast to the attitude of Ethelyn and Reginald.

7 Metaphors for  barlows