9 Metaphors for beverages

The beverage was always milk, and tall pitchers of it were constantly filled and emptied during this as well as the other meals.

Their chief beverage was barley beer, though, in the South, wine was used to some extent.

The beverages composed partly of fermented liquors, are hot spiced wines, bishop, egg-flip, egg-hot, ale posset, sack posset, punch, and spirits-and-water.

Their chief beverage was coffee made from parched corn.

The beverage most to my liking was always the carcarâjuice flavoured with roasted kernels, something resembling coffee in taste.

Another alcoholic beverage, common in apple-growing districts, is cider.

The most important natural beverage is pure water; in fact it is the only one required.

The beverage is health-giving and intoxicating, and excites the desire to seek Tlapallan, but not more.

Otto had not indeed given up the habits he had learnt at Göttingen; his wild freaks, his noisy entertainments, were the talk of the countryside; the beverage which he has made classical, a mixture of beer and champagne, was the common drink, and he was known far and wide as the mad Bismarck.

9 Metaphors for  beverages