9 Metaphors for birthplace

Leading to this tower was a narrow staircase, and up these stairs Maggie bore the flag, assisted by one of the servant girls, whose birthplace was green Erin, and whose broad, good-humored face shone with delight as she fastened the pole securely in its place, and then shook aloft her checked apron, in answer to the cheer which came up from below, when first the American banner waved over the old stone house.

His birthplace was a hole in an old "Coral" tree.

Theodore Tilton has thus described the place where I was born: "Birthplace is secondary parentage, and transmits character.

My birthplace was Arkansas County.

Not till the twelfth century did they again begin to flourish, and, as might be supposed, it was Italy which gave the signal for the resuscitation of the institutions whose birthplace had been Rome, and which barbarism had allowed to fall into decay.

"Oh, tell me, pretty river, Whence do thy waters flow? And whither art thou roaming, So smoothly and so slow?" "My birthplace was the mountain, My nurse the April showers; My cradle was a fountain, O'er-curtained by wild flowers.

" "His birthplace is the World Universal, and his profession-leading us back to nature," I answered.

Soft and easy is thy cradle: Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay, When His birthplace was a stable And His softest bed was hay.

Amongst those who claim Bath as their birthplace are William Edward Parry, the Arctic explorer, John Palmer, the postal reformer, and William Horn, the author of the Every Day Book.

9 Metaphors for  birthplace