78 Metaphors for blacker

The black looks the best, and is the most serviceable; and when worn with a mantle, or cloak, or jacket to match, it makes one of the best costumes for walking or driving.

" These offers, made freely, could only prepossess in favor of the American, who immediately continued, addressing Mrs. Weldon: "These blacks are your slaves?"

Somebody happened to say we were sending a ship thither; the black, who was in the room, exclaimed, "Then there is an end of their happiness."

Black and white is also a pleasing combination.

Black are the cows, and gray is every cat.

My parents were members of the Covenanter Congregation, of which Dr. John Black was pastor for forty-five years.

The blacks are the laborers, the peasants, of the Southern States.

Mr. Griffis' lucid, ingenious, and admirably written monograph entitled, The Lily among Thorns, is unfortunately marred in many parts by the author's attitude, which is not that of a critic or a judge, but of a lawyer who has a case to prove, that black and gray are really snow white.

"We rode through many rice swamps, where the blacks were very numerous, great droves of these poor slaves, working up to the middle in water, men and women nearly naked.

Meanwhile, although the blacks were far the most fashionableand it was said that it was hopeless to try to get the same quality in coloured specimensseveral enthusiastic breeders for colour were quietly at work, quite undismayed by the predilection shown by most exhibitors and judges for the former colour.

Banks says the day is "the most disagreeable my life has yet seen; black be the mark for it, and heaven send that such may never return to embitter future reflection.

Black were his eyes and bold; now staring bright and wide, now glittering 'twixt heavy, narrowed lids; yet when he smiled they glittered brightest, and his lips showed moistly red.

I'll give my fancy leave to range Through every where to find out change; The black, the brown, the fair shall be But objects of variety.

Now black has been my ordinary apparel so longindeed I take it to be the proper costume of an authorthe stage sanctions itthat to have appeared in some lighter colour would have raised more mirth at my expense, than the anomaly had created censure.

But I have been told, indeed, black does become "SECOND LADY.

The blacks were a light-hearted and merry race, not altogether discontented with their position, and the planters did their utmost to prevent the white slaves having communication with them, and stirring them up to discontent and rebellion.

Then the Assembly rescinded this last decree, and like results followed, the blacks being the exasperated parties and the aggressors.

Why, thou hast rais'd up mischief to this height, And found out one to out-name thy other faults; Thou hast no intermission of thy sins, But all thy life is a continual ill; Black is thy colour now, disease thy nature.

The colors which they used were mostly derived from mineral substances and the black was carbon, made, it is conjectured, from charred fish-bones; but with them was combined some gummy material which made them cling softly to the vellum and has held for us their lustre for more than a thousand years.

Miss Emily Black was a young woman, and, I thought, a handsome one.

Oh, she was tall and wondrous fair At the Junior Promenade, Her eyes were stars, and black was her hair, Her cheeks shone red in the bright light's glare: I worshiped her quite as I danced with her there, At the Junior Promenade.

There are red and white radishes; and the French have also what they call violet and black ones, of which the black are the larger.

Black are my steps on silver sod; Thick blows my frosty breath abroad; And tree and house, and hill and lake, Are frosted like a wedding-cake.

" Roswell had the same desire, for he had made the same conjecture; though he did not believe the black would be the person chosen to be the messenger on such an occasion.

The Miniature Black and Tan is certainly not a robust dog, and he has lost much of the terrier boisterousness of character by reason of being pampered and coddled; but it is a fallacy to suppose that he is necessarily delicate.

78 Metaphors for  blacker