34 Metaphors for boarding

"When the doughboys were told that they were going over the top at the zero hour, you never heard shouting to equal it; the Board of Trade on a Monday morning was just a whisper in comparison.

Didn't we 'elp 'im out with 'is books an' 'is mortar-boards an' 'is bits of clothes to try an' mek 'im look respectable?

The board of Trustees is the natural judiciary; the President, the executive.

I said it was my duty to state the case of the public, as the Board were guardians of the territorial revenue.

At the time that greater performer, the elephant, made his appearance on the boards, his own board became a subject of no trifling consideration with the managers, particularly as the African had taken a predilection for rum, which the new actor used to quaff with extraordinary zest.

This Board soon became a severe and chronic local irritant.

As at present constituted, our boards are a very showy, but very useless piece of mechanism.

G.W.N. The Starboard is the right side of the ship, as the lar-board is the left.

The board and tuition have become one hundred and seventy-five dollars a year, only enough to cover the cost.

Board for Foreign Missions, (1834.)'There is a pleasing degree of union among the multiplying thousands of Baptists throughout the land....

As at present constituted, our boards are a very showy, but very useless piece of mechanism.

A board above them was the rude sign of Sam Bassett, carpenter.

The fact of the creation of such a board being "an anomaly," or, as it might rather have been called, a novelty in the constitution, does not seem an insuperable objection, unless it were also inconsistent or at variance with the fundamental principles of the constitution, and that can hardly be alleged in this instance.

This principle was acceptedalthough the term "Navy Board" was not reinstitutedthe Admiralty Board being divided into two Committees, one for Operations and one for Materiél, the whole Board meeting at least once a week, as required, to discuss important questions affecting both sides.

The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and the American Bible Society became participators.

Well, let me tell you that Board of Sunday Schools is a whale of a machine.

But the old oaken boards were strong, the old iron held firmly.

Then, stealing a boat at one of the plantations, he rowed down the stream until he came to the Despair, on board of which was Mrs. Price, her daughter and Ester.

In the second place, you could have an election by separate communities to a local board, and the local board should be the electoral college, the Mahomedans separating themselves from the other members of the board for that purpose.

My Board is a benevolent boardthat is to say, it is the whole church at work in such enterprises as this.

From the painting by Collier, National Portrait Gallery.] "The chess-board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature.

A slave, whose head was white with age, was lying in one corner of the hovel; he had under his head a few filthy rags but the boards were his only bed, it was the depth of winter, and the wind whistled through every part of the dilapidated buildinghe opened his languid eyes when I spoke, and in reply to my question, "What is the matter?"

The trestle-board is, then, the symbol of the natural and moral law.

Nothing remained of him but his hat, which looked exactly like a thumb tack driven into a slightly tilted drawing board, the tilted drawing board being the field.

This Board, Marty heard, is a sort of educational clearing house for the whole church, and especially for Methodist schools of higher learning.

34 Metaphors for  boarding