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71 Metaphors for  bob

71 Metaphors for bob

Dear Bob was not only such a gentleman, but such a man, that it was almost a pleasure to be at secret issue with him; he would make way for me at our lady's side, listen with interest when she made me spin my martial yarns, laugh if there was aught to laugh at, and in a word, give me every conceivable chance.

Bob was the favourite of the Exchange, as he had been the pet at school and at college, and had his hands full of business three hundred days in the year.

yelled Bob, for that was the object he had in mind in inventing the Jilla-Jilly wind for the occasion.

Bob and Norman were partners in some of the exchanges.

Bob was good help, and she had seldom needed him more than to-day.

How do you manage to remain so comely and so young?" "God send 'e fus', Masser Bob, heabben be praise, and a good conscience do 'e las'.

Bob was a bad actor, too, especially when under the influence of liquor.

Some rows of dirty seed-pearl are fastened round her fat throat; long gold ear-rings bob in her ears, and in her hand is a bright paper fan, with which she never ceases fanning herself.

Bob was soon a favorite with every one on the ship, he was so anxious to learn and so ready and obliging.

Now Bob was quite a level-headed youth, and though he knew that sometimes treasure might be found on islands in the ocean, where it had been hidden by modern pirates or illegal pearl fishers, he did not take much stock in what Captain Obed had told him.

Bob was an ideal companion for such journeys, for he never lost his head and never missed connections, while nervous haste was unknown to him.

"'We saw you,' ses the cook, winking; 'didn't we Bob?' "'Yes,' ses Bob, shaking his silly 'ead; 'but it wasn't no surprise to me.

Mark occasionally longed for one good drink at some gushing spring that he remembered at home, it is true; and Bob was a little in the habit of extolling a particular well that, it would seem, his family were reputed to have used for several generations.


To me, Bob is just the same to-day, that he has ever been; that is, ever since he grew to be a manwith boys, of course, it is different.

" I saw that the impulsive blood was fast cooling, and that it would only be a question of minutes until Bob would be his clearheaded self.

And Bob was there, too, all spick and span in his new lieutenant's uniform with Kittie Fleming hanging on his arm, her eyes drinking him in with every glance.

"Bob and I are friends.

A bob was a sarcastic jest or jibe.

Bob was the Regional Minister for the Alberta Baptist Association for 8 years, with offices on the Taylor campus, and in recent years has been pastoring in South Dakota.

Ten bob an acre was his pricewith promise of fairish board.

He met Bob with 'is dog one daya large, ugly brute, but a'most as clever as wot Bob was 'imself.

Bob is a former National Triathlon Champion in his age group and was named BC’s Male Triathlete of the Year in 2002; he is also an avid mountain biker and runner.

A dry bob (literally = a blow or fillip that does not break the skin) is an intensely bitter taunt, cf.

And now Bob is gonedo you know, Miss, I love that dumb thing with the sort of love I should love his child, if he had left me one.

Bob was seventeen years of age, bright, handsome, and fearless.

As soon as I got word that Bob was the cause of the slaughter, I rushed over to the Exchange and working my way into the crowd, I begged a word with him.

And now Bob is gonedo you know, Miss, I love that dumb thing with the sort of love I should love his child, if he had left me one.

Bob was your rock and helped you through trying times and gopd times.

Bob is the most formidable disputant of the whole company; for, without troubling himself to search for reasons, he tires his antagonist with repeated affirmations.

It was true, Bob was a rough and an uncultivated associate; but he was honest as human frailty could leave a human being, true as steel in his attachments, strong in body, and of great professional skill.

"You're an old man, and five bob a week can't be much loss to you.

Bob is the grandfather (male grandparent) of both Bill and Mary.

So that was decided; and she and I drove back to the hotel, while the two men went to the Automobile Club, of which Lord Bob was an honorary member.

So Michelle is Lolli, and Jim Bob is Pops; together, they are LolliPops.

Then the hired man knew it would be of no use to chase the mischievous lad, as Bob was very fleet of foot.

Poets, of all men, are supposed to live most easily upon air; and yet, Don Bob, is not a fat poet, like Jamie Thomson, quite likely, although plumper than beseems a bard, to be ten thousand times healthier in his singing than my Lord Byron thinning himself upon cold potatoes and vinegar?

Bob was a great patriot, and on Saturdays practised shooting in the attic with a bow and arrow, to perfect himself against the time of his attaining to man's estate, when he fully intended to collect an army and make an invasion on England.

Uncle Dick had been made guardian of Bob, at his own and the aunts' request, so Bob was now a ward with Betty.

Bob is not just a contributor of great prodicts and service - he also contributes to safety by sharing his extensive knowledge with others.

Bob was full eighteen minutes and a half behind his time.

(Bob) is one those unique individuals with a sincere passion for the environment and wetland conservation.

Bob is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in hydraulic analysis and design.

"When Bob was a little urchin, he once, in anticipation of his future tastes, committed the enormity of riding on a stick on Sunday; so she locked him up till he had learnt six verses of one of Watts's hymns about going to church being like a little heaven below, isn't it?"

This Bob was a happy, merry-looking dog, and as we went along, he told me of the fine time we should have next day.

Ods bobs, here's a Compact amongst the WomenHigh Treason against the Bridegroomtherefore, Ladies, withdraw, or, adod, I'll lock you all in.

Ads bobs, but they frighted me at first baselybut I'll home to Pupsey, there may be Roguery, as well as hereMadam, I ask your Pardon, I see we're all mistaken.

Bob was an expert in their manufacture.

"But you are a good deal older," I could not help saying, "in the ways of the world, and it is there that Bob is such an absolute infant."

Ten bob an acre was his pricewith promise of fairish board.

"Poor old Bob, as you may suppose, is not a genius.

I found that a 'bob' is a shilling.

They were friends, and Bob was a very good sort, but Vernon would sooner he had stopped away.

Bob is J.R. Dobbs, leader and High Epopt of the Church of the SubGenius, Living Avatar of Slack, the Saint of Sales.

Emma Steiler, a fourth-year business management student and representative of UW-Eau Claire’s Photography Club, said the fall BOB is by far the club’s best recruitment tool.

In his early career, Bob was an officer in the Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police, until, in 1980, he and Dorothy became franchise owner/operators of Tim Horton's stores, successfully expanding that into 6 outlets in the Oshawa/Port Perry region.

Bob were the on'y one o' the Millville folks thet could git along with Cap'n Wegg, an' even he didn't manage to be any special friend.

Bob was a long-headed fellow in the main, and was not slow to perceive the advantage of such a ceremony, and encouraged it.

Bob was a navigator on Lancasters and Halifaxes.

"Very good," ses Bob, getting up; "there's no 'arm done.

Bob was a small boy then, and one of the jolliest.

"Why, Bob, my Bob, is this the way you treat your Beulah when she's let you sleep so your beautiful eyes would be pretty for the wedding?

Bob is all I haveall

"Now, Bob was not a blameless man, but altogether the reverse; and he was a capital fellow to get on with.

Of course Bob was the hero, of all his associates, and they never tired of hearing his stories of what had happened.

"Maud is right; Bob is an ensignor, will be one, in a day or two.

Bob Morley is the son of a Filipino mother and son of an Irish father who died when Bob was a child.

Bob was a committed caregiver to his father and provided essential comfort and companionship during J.R.’s last years.

Bob was a little diffident about going in, after the trick he had played, but the nervous passenger seemed to forget all about that.

Bob was an outdoor enthusiast and global traveler who remained active and curious until his final days.

Bob was a woodsman and his eyes were keen.