45 Metaphors for boning

This was a very impressive fact; for the bones that were missing included all those which could have been identified as belonging or not belonging to John Bellingham; and the bones that were present were the unidentifiable remainder.

What tickles my wish-bone is what I can see for myself on their silly faces, half of 'em trying to look as if they know how it's done and the other half all grins.

Nor did he believe the bones to be Perry Oakshott's at all.

I tell you, I felt horribleas if my bones were water.

Their population consists of two hostile races, and their bone and muscle, instead of being the partners, are the unwilling tools of their capital and intellect.

Bones are good things, aren't they, old fellow?

With regard to alteration in gait, we may say at once that side-bones in heavy animals are not often the cause of lameness.

" "Can't ye lead us a better road?" shouted Saunders, who rode on the third sledge; "my bones are rattlin' about inside o' me like a bag o' ninepins.

Thus, bones are the seat of active vital processes, not only during childhood, but also in adult life, and in fact throughout life, except perhaps in extreme old age.

There it stands, the cottonwood of the massacre, with blunt white limbs outstretched and dead, as dead as those who were slaughtered at its base and whose very bones have long been dust.

The bones were apparently those of a man of fair though not remarkable muscular development; over thirty years of age, but how much older I was unable to say.

The dry bones in the valley of Askelon were as children skipping in the morning sun compared with the dusty death that mouldered and mouldered in this lonely locked-up room,this catacomb of dead businesses.

As has been just observed, they perform all that their vendors promise, causing the teeth, for a little while, to become very white and beautiful in their appearance, but, at the same time, injuring them irremediably: the enamel becomes gradually decomposed, the bone of the tooth exposed, and its death is the inevitable consequence.

It is also a well-established truth, that the larger the frame of the animal, the coarser is the meat, and that small bones are both guarantees for the fineness of the breed and the delicacy of the flesh.

"The hypothesis that these bones were parts of a mummy naturally suggested Mr. Jellicoe.

Thus bones are not dry, lifeless substances, but are the very type of activity and change.

Mr. MASON said, that the only bone of contention was the subject of rent.

Every bone had become powder.

The cranial bone was upwards of twenty feet in its greatest length, about four in extreme width, and it weighed 1,200 lbs.

Thus, the bones of the skull and of the chest protect the brain, the lungs, and the heart; the bones of the legs support the weight of the body; and the long bones of the limbs are levers to which muscles are attached.

The great bone of contention was the possession of the fine port of Salonika.

Thou art pure, thy bones are the gods and the goddesses of heaven, thou existest at the side of God, thou art unfastened, thou comest forth towards thy soul, for every evil word (or thing) which hath been written in the name of Unas hath been done away.

A boiled aitch-bone of beef is not a difficult joint to carve, as will be seen on reference to the accompanying engraving.

His bones became mountains, and of his hair they made trees.

With old people a broken bone is often a serious matter, and may cripple them for life or prove fatal.

45 Metaphors for  boning