29 Metaphors for breakfast

The lightest breakfast is the best.

An eleven o'clock breakfast was our usual fun; you can't imagine such a well arranged party, never a jar or disagreement, like, I am sure, we should be having if there were Englishwomen.

I sez ter her, "Our breakfasts ain't much fun fer me or you; Seems's if two lonesome meals might make one social one fer two.

Breakfast at Brae Wood is the most moveable of feasts.

A good breakfast is the best capital upon which people who have real work to do in the world can begin the day.

A capital breakfast at the Trinacria hotel was the fitting conclusion to these oft-recorded troubles, and the gratifying news that the Viceroy had just left the island for Naples obviated the necessity of a formal visit, and left us free to enjoy the notabilities of Palermo.

Then said Robin Hood, 'Sir, outlaws breakfasts is vensyon, and you must be content with such fare as we have.'

Breakfast was a mere pretence at a meal; excitement got the better of appetites that morning.

A frugal breakfast, a frugal dinner, a box full of snuff, and a shelf full of Gibbon were the old man's only requirements: an undemanding life, and therefore a loveless one; since the less we ask for, the less we get.

" When the milk was brought, breakfast was still a little behindhand, but she would not let me help.

The table was smoking and hissing; and Romeo Clawbonny, who acted as the everyday house-servant, or footman, had several times intimated that it might be well to commence operations, as a cold breakfast was very cold comfort.

Franklin's breakfast, for many years, was only bread and milk; and he ate it out of a twopenny earthen bowl with a pewter spoon.

You'll have to do a heap of work to earn what you'll eat, if yer breakfast is a sample of yer dinner.

Breakfast soon will be readyhot coffee and all that.

This first breakfast was a trial, but I made a noble meal of it.

The "salmon trout" was dry, as usual, but that breakfast was a good thing.

"Breakfast is my most pressing need at the present moment.

Breakfast in the prison is not exactly an appetizing meal, but at that moment the memory of its thin gruel and greasy cocoa and bread seemed to me beautiful beyond words.

His breakfast had been a failure, and now he was as hungry as the leaner of the two bears of Palestine which tore forty-two children who made faces at Elisha.

Teresa's breakfast was a success.

The breakfast will be of uncooked or simply heated food, parched grains and cream, fruit fresh or dried, and nuts.

On this occasion the bridegroom has the privilege of asking any friends he may choose to the wedding; but no friend has a right to feel affronted at not being invited, since, were all the friends on either side assembled, the wedding breakfast would be an inconveniently crowded reception, rather than an impressive ceremonial.

Breakfast will be four francs, dinner ten francsin a word, we double our income without increasing our expenses.

"Breakfast was a luxury that had never entered my head.

I am told that all Indian hotels are badstill, the breakfast was a considerable improvement on the Marie Valerie, and we sallied forth as giants refreshed to have a look at Karachi and do a little shopping.

29 Metaphors for  breakfast