42 Metaphors for brightest

" "You said Mrs. Bright had been a teacher in the South.

For thee the East breath'd out a prosperous Breeze, Bright were the Suns, and gently swell'd the Seas.

IV Bright were Miss Angelina's eyes but not with mirth.

"Bright was the most malignant opponent the Factory Bill ever had."

" "Mrs. Bright was nursery governess in his family before her marriage," rejoined Flora.

Bright was the sword.

The brightest of all jewels in a bride's crown of virtues is chastitya jewel without which all the others lose their value.

Bright was the day, and on the spreading trees The frolic citizens of forest sung Their lays and merry notes on perching boughs; When suddenly appeared in the east Seven mighty eagles with their talons fierce, Who, waving oft about our consul's head, At last with hideous cry did soar away.

Bright was an orator of the highest order.

Bright be the rip'ning beam, that shines Fair FLORENCE, on thy purple vines!

Bright and merry are hardly the adjectives I should have applied to my soulful countenance and brilliant conversation; but no matter.

Mr. Bright, though the laziest of mankind at official work, was the ideal hand at receiving deputations.

Bright was the morning, cool the air, Serene was all the skies; When on the waves I left my dear, The center of my joys; Heav'n and nature smiling were.

VACATION Bright was the summer's noon when quickening steps Followed each other till a dreary moor Was crossed, a bare ridge clomb, upon whose top [A] Standing alone, as from a rampart's edge, I overlooked the bed of Windermere, 5 Like a vast river, stretching in the sun.

Mr. Bright, however, not being a resident in Birmingham, took no part in its local and municipal affairs, and the man was wanting who would come forward and energetically take town matters in hand.

Bright was thy morn of promise, dark the day, That clos'd thy fate in murderous Fotheringay!

Banquet after banquet was held in England at which Bright and Thomson were the guests of honor.

I may say that I heard nearly every speech our distinguished member delivered in Birmingham, for I hardly ever missed a meeting at which Mr. Bright was a spokesman.

There's the revolving light, and many other kinds of light, but the brightest of all is that steady light which shines into the darkness of the poor sailor's soul.

As the language he clothed with such power and might shall spread itself over the earth, and be spoken, too, by races born to another tongue, his life-rays will permeate the minds of countless myriads, and the more widely they diverge and the farther they reach, the brighter and warmer will be the glow and the flow of that disk of light that embosoms and illumines his birth-place in England.

THE CHILDREN OF STARE Winter is fallen early On the house of Stare; Birds in reverberating flocks Haunt its ancestral box; Bright are the plenteous berries In clusters in the air.

Jacob Bright was at the time a member of Parliament, and fully in sympathy with the bill; and, while Mrs. Bright exerted all her social influence to make it popular with the members, her husband, thoroughly versed in Parliamentary tactics, availed himself of every technicality to push the bill through the House of Commons.

Bright are there the blossoms...

It is great for our country to die, where ranks are contending; Bright is the wreath of our fame; Glory awaits us for aye Glory, that never is dim, shining on with light never ending Glory, that never shall fade, never, O!

'To me?' 'In the way of my profession,' the little man answered, fixing Sir George with two eyes as bright as birds'; which eyes somewhat redeemed his small keen features.

42 Metaphors for  brightest