6 Metaphors for brigs

But Captain Baker thought otherwise; and he and the District Attorney wished the jury to infer that this brig seen by him under Point Lookout was a piratical craft, lying ready to receive the negroes on board, and to carry them off to Cuba!

"At Brondolo a brig is waitingorange and yellow of sail, device of a blazing sun; a hunchback, with doublet of orange above the mast for luck, and a fine figure of a gobbo upon the decka living hunchbackby which thou shalt know it for mine, and bound to my order whether it come by me or by my token.

His brig became a regular Bordeaux packet, and he saw the Madame twice or thrice, apparently living at great ease, but solitary, in the rue.

I knew the brig was a slow sailer, but how in the name of honesty could she be suffered in broad daylight to fall into such a fate?

My friends insisted on beating them off: I endeavored to dissuade them, believing, as I did, that the brig was a Spanish man-of-war, who had sent her boat to ascertain who we were.

He got hold of the Sanderses and their brig; they were brothers, and the brig was the Pride of Banya, and he it was bought the diving dressa second-hand one with a compressed air apparatus instead of pumping.

6 Metaphors for  brigs