57 Metaphors for brown

Brown was the best in the team.

Joseph Brown, Q.C., and Thomas Chambers, Q.C., were brother Benchers of mine, and when we met at the Parliament Chamber after dinner it was more than likely that many stories would be told, for we often fought our battles over again.

Mrs. Brown, his wife, was a witness for the prosecution in the alleged perjurywhich was unfortunate for her husband, because she had the greatest knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the case; while Mr. Brown had the best knowledge of the probable quality of his wife's evidence.

John Brown was already an outlaw, with a price upon his head; for a traitor had betrayed his plan the year before, and he had for this reason deferred its execution for a year.

The brown is, in fact, rust.

Mars Brown, son of the senator of that name,a man whose influence few generals or bureaus of claims could afford to disregard,was naturally the most privileged character in the office.

Mars Brown was, however, a dangerous rival, although himself perhaps as little aware of it as Barwood.

The outer part is carved in long slices cut down to the bone in the direction 1, 2, beginning at the edge, the brown being the first slice.

Ethel Brown was the spokeswoman.

Perkins Brown is our butcher, here in Waterbury, and he often asks me,'Do you take chloride of soda on your beefsteaks?

On the way to the dépôt Major Brown had said, "Now, Cody, when we come back we'll give Bache a lively ride and shake him up a little." Major Brown was a jolly good fellow, but sometimes he would get "a little off," and as this was one of his "off days" he was bound to amuse himself in some original and mischievous way.

Mr. Brown is a scholar, and a thoroughly upright man.

Squire Brown was a Tory to the backbone; but, nevertheless, held divers social principles not generally supposed to be true blue in colour; the foremost of which was the belief that a man is to be valued wholly and solely for that which he is himself, apart from all externals whatever.

Light brown was the pervading colour upon the sides of the island, and appeared to be caused by stunted bushes and grass.

It is not true, that Sir Thomas Brown was the prototype of Dr. Johnson, who imitated him only as far as Sir T. B. resembles the majority of his predecessors; that is, in the pedantic preference of Latin derivations to Saxon words of the very same force.

Brown is an individual with a sense of humor and a Mark Twain penchant for ten-pfennig cigars.

At Brown's, eh?" Brown's was a notorious gambling house on Broadway.

" "Donald Brown in his bachelor apartment in the Worthington was one person, this queer fellow living in a roadside cabin is quite another," suggested Dr. Bruce Brainard quizzically.

Sir George Brown is a tremendous martinet, and he may consider that it would have been far better that five officers, who chose to go to a gambling-house, should be killed, than that Gallipoli, full as it is of valuable stores, and munitions of war, should run the risk of being destroyed by fire.

In conclusion, I will only add that Brown is an infernal bummer and a sneak."

Brown, the Archbishop of Dublin, was an ardent reformer, so also was the Bishop of Meath, but to the mass of their brethren they simply appeared to be heretics.

BROWN, CHARLES BROCKDEN, an American novelist, born in Philadelphia, of Quaker connection; his best-known fictions are "Wieland," "Edgar Huntly," &c. (1771-1810).

Brown was the depôt nuisance.

At that time Brown was a merchant at Springfield, Massachusetts, whither Douglass was invited to visit him.


57 Metaphors for  brown
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