142 Metaphors for building

We're doing all right now, our public buildings, our institutions are the best in Canada.

For the rest, buildings were an indiscriminate hodge-podge of homes, apartment houses, shacks, and chain groceries.

The building is the size of a moderately wealthy country gentleman's house in England, and has one or two fine reception-rooms; between it and the water a monument is being raised to Washington.

Buildings, libraries, empty laboratories, empty lecture theatres, vestiges, refugees, neutrals, khaki; that is Cambridge to-day.

The building of a funeral fire on recent graves is also a rite which belongs to the consideration of their religious faith.

Even their buildings, streets, and public walks were so many visibilities of idolatry.

The buildings in this city are about two thirds of brick, and the rest of wood.

Assuredly from the watch-tower of ancient Time all buildings and man's dwellings are but toys.

An oblong building is the cheapest, on account of the roof.

His buildings, his employment of the poor, his magnificence, and his economy, were constant topics of admiration.

There is a military mission at Mamoura, where all the buildings are permanent erections solidly built of stone, for no merely temporary occupation is intended, and thousands of freight-cars with Belgian marks upon them throng the railways, and on some is the significant German title of 'Military Headquarters of the Imperial Staff.'

The buildings made for evaporation are nearly two miles in length; a walk along the top gives a delightful view of the surrounding valleys.

The building is cruciform in shape, and has a fine interioris lofty, capacious, and cathedral-like.

Those were no more proofs of the national feeling, than the building of slave-clippers every year at Baltimore is a proof that the nation wishes to encourage the slave-trade.

The Gothic cathedral, with its sculptured arches and its spires pointing heavenwards, is a symbol, as most Eastern buildings are symbols.

The building was a masterpiece of refined fancy and extravagance, and upon its decorations Austin de Bordeaux, whose work on the Taj Mahal pronounces him to be one of the greatest artists that ever lived, concentrated the entire strength of his genius and lavished the wealth of an empire.

The building itself is a good specimen of the baronial hall of the olden time.

The present buildings are not very old, the hospice only dating from the sixteenth century and the church from the seventeenth century, while the other structures, which have been built for the accommodation of strangers are comparatively new.

It was not a question of looting but of destruction, and for eighteen years the building was a mark for obscenities and imprecations.

That building alone was witness to me that I had not dreamt the events of that week.

House building is now the rage.

But, while he was thus employed, the great building of the Diorama, with his own house, all his beautiful works, his valuable notes and papers, the labor of years of experiment, were, unknown to him, at that moment the prey of the flames.

The noble old French buildings of the city were ruinedthe Corsican said, not by his artillery, but by Salnave's.

Six large detached buildings, three stories high, all radiating from a rotunda which serves as the common centre, and touching each other at the starting-point, separated by courtyards which grow broader in proportion as the buildings spread out, pierced with a thousand little dormer windows which give light to the cells, surrounded by a high wall, and presenting from a bird's-eye point of view the drape of a fansuch is Mazas.

The building up of his mighty empire was not the only task which filled the first years of Henry's reign.

142 Metaphors for  building
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