7 Metaphors for burnt

Roberts however, reminded them of the great danger to which this would inevitably expose them; that there was a thick wood at the back of the town, where the inhabitants could hide themselves, and that, when their all was at stake, they would make a bolder resistance: and that the burning or destroying of a few houses, would be a small return for their labor, and the loss that they might sustain.

The man who while smoking a cigar burns his finger is a man of few words and quick of action.

"The face of the patron is black because of it, and a little devil-flame burns in the eyes of the señorita because for love of her men would fight(Such is the way of women, to joy in those things which should give them, fear!)and the señora's face is sagged with worry, and Señor Jackah, there is the fighting look in those eyes!

And not a breeze came, east or west, And burning was the sky, And stifling was each breath we drew Of the air so hot and dry.

When the coal burns, the chief ultimate products of its combustion are carbonic acid, water, and ammoniacal products, which escape up the chimney; and a greater or less amount of residual earthy salts, which take the form of ash.

Burning would be too easy a death for Donnegan.

This little burn is the North Tyne, the beginnings of that stream which, deep, dark, and swift at its mouth, bears the mighty battleships there built to carry the war-flags of the nations round the world.

7 Metaphors for  burnt