6 Metaphors for buyers

The average buyer is a good deal like the heiress to a million dollars who's been on the market for eight or ten years, not because there's no demand for her, but because there's too much.

They had to be goodfirst, because of the intense rivalry, and then because the motor-buyer became the best informed buyer in the world.

It is just as possible that the buyer in the second instance was simply a casual purchaser and not a collector at all, and the crystal egg, for all I know, may at the present moment be within a mile of me, decorating a drawing-room or serving as a paper-weightits remarkable functions all unknown.

" The buyer of their farm was a hard-hearted, penurious man, a deacon of the church in which Draxy had been baptized.

190 In gospel-phrase, their chapmen they betray; Their shops are dens, the buyer is their prey.

The sellers were the people who had killed their emperor, and the would-be buyers were Sulpicianus and Julianus, who vied to outbid each other, one from within, the other from without.

6 Metaphors for  buyers