19 Metaphors for canals

The Brunswick Canal was again the subject of conversation, and again the impossibility of allowing the negroes and Irish to work in proximity was stated, and admitted as an indisputable fact.

Mr. T.P. O'CONNOR, on behalf of Liverpool, described it as the product of "an old bureaucracy and a young Parliamentarian," and Mr. RENWICK declared that, if it passed, the Manchester Ship Canal would be "between the devil and the deep sea," surely an uncalled-for attack on Cottonopolis.

All was gold, the surface of the road was like a golden stream, the canal was gold, the thin spire caught into its piercing line all the colour of the swiftly fading afternoon; the wheels of the carriages gleamed, the flower-baskets of the women glittered like shining foam, the snow flung its crystal colour into the air like thin fire dim before the sun.

The Grand Canal, which runs about five hundred miles, without allowing for windings, across the kingdom of China, is not only the means by which subsistence is brought to the inhabitants of the imperial city, but is of great value in conveying the tribute, a large portion of the revenue being paid in kind.

It has a canal, but the canal is a mud-puddle during one half the day and an empty ditch during the other.

In the dry season, the numerous canals of the suburbs are so many stagnant drains, and at each ebb of the tide the ditches around the town exhibit a similar spectacle.

Briefly it is, that both the 'canals' of Mars and the rifts as well as the luminous streaks on the moon are cracks in the volcanic crust, caused by internal stresses due to the action of the heated interior.

The Chesapeak and Delaware canal is about fourteen miles in length; and from the nature of the soil through which it is cut, there was some difficulty attending the permanent security of the work.

"He says the canal is a private," said the interpreter.

The canal is solid land again, and the fleet is high and dry.

Other canals, as the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, were marvels of skill.

Why the Suez Canal is a farm ditch alongside of it!" "Whew!" whistled Joe.

The Canal is a triumph, not of man's hands, but of machinery.

After this the solitude of the suburbs, with their maimed and rusting factories, their stagnant canals, their empty lots, their high, lusty weeds, their abolished railway and train stations, was a secondary matter leaving practically no impression on the exhausted sensibility.

The three semicircular canals, so called from their shape, are simply bony tubes about 1/20 of an inch in width, making a curve of about 1/4 of an inch in diameter.

A few canals might presumably be so situated that their flow could, by inequality of terrane, lie equatorward, but not all....

Signor Roderigo, your canals are convenient graves for sudden deaths!"

The canals are the arteries of Holland, and the water her life-blood.

The Canal will primarily be an instrument against war; but, like much else in this world, it will incidentally bestow multifarious advantages.

19 Metaphors for  canals