37 Metaphors for candidates

But she answered diplomatically: "I will inquire into the condition of politics in this district, Mr. Boglin, and try to determine which candidate is the most deserving.

The candidate of the Whigs (Harrison) was the ideal of a popular favorite.

In 1796, the Presidential candidates were Adams and Jefferson, for one or the other of whom every elector voted,the votes for Burr, in this instance thirty in number, being, as before, only for the Vice-Presidency.

Candidates must not be over 18 John Clark(24) £30 4 years Arts Crawford and Brown(1) £19, 13s.

He got the six votes, but our candidate never became president.

The Whig candidate was General Taylor, the victor of Buena Vista.

It has been conjectured that the allusion is to Samuel Rowley; but a more likely candidate for the honour is Ralph Rowley, who is known to have been a Fellow of Pembroke Hall.

The unwritten, as well as the written laws of the Order, require that the candidate shall be neither a fool nor an idiot, but that he shall possess a discreet judgment, and be in the enjoyment of all the senses of a man.

The two foremost candidates for the prize were Cecilia and Leonora.

Other candidates for the third place are Chaucer and Spenser.

It frequently happened that the candidate chosen was a member of the family of the dead emperor, and there were three or four families which had many rulers chosen from among their number.

# Draper's Company(2) £50 3 years Candidates must be under age of 20 Amy Sanders Stephens £50 3 years College Scholarships £35 to £50 3 years (2 or more) UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER.

Advertisers again are now discovering that it pays to vary the monotony with which a poster appeals to the eye by printing in different colours those copies which are to hang near each other, or still better, by representing varied incidents in the career of 'Sunny Jim' or 'Sunlight Sue.' A candidate is also an artificial thing.

To be eligible to the first chamber a candidate must be thirty-five years old, own property assessed at $21,000, or pay taxes upon an income of not less than $1,100.

The candidate when elected becomes the creature of the district and not the ruler of a StateHe is and must be devoted to the interest of that portion of the community which has elected him, and their views and schemes must be patronized though they oppose the welfare of the whole.

At first the electoral votes did not state whether the candidates named in them were candidates for the presidency or for the vice-presidency.

The House then expelled himand, indeed, it could scarcely do anything else after such defianceand Mr. Labouchere moved for a new writ, declaring that Northampton was ready, its "candidate was Charles Bradlaugh, expelled this House."

Jan. Wilson Suffern £15 Candidates must be under 17 Skinners' Senior £27 total value Awarded in alternate years Scholarship Pfeiffer Senior £30 total value Scholarship Pfeiffer Literature £30 total value Jellicoe Memorial £24 total value Scholarship (Governess Association)

In this ceremony the candidate becomes the representative of a spiritual corner-stone.

Candidates must be actual residents of the districts from which they are nominated.

The natural candidate was our highest non-commissioned officer, who was favoured by the company's commander.

The candidates were Turner, Cankrein, Cleasby, and Mr Gordon.

Sir William Gull has remarked that those candidates for the Indian Civil Service who are members of large families are on the whole the strongest.

The successful candidate was Benedict XIV.]

The office was that of representative in the state legislature, and the candidates were a hatter and a saddler; the former was also a militia major, and a Methodist preacher, of the Percival and Gordon school, who eschewed the devil and all the backsliding abominations of the flesh, as in duty bound.

37 Metaphors for  candidates