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104 Metaphors for  candidates

104 Metaphors for candidates

But she answered diplomatically: "I will inquire into the condition of politics in this district, Mr. Boglin, and try to determine which candidate is the most deserving.

The candidate of the Whigs (Harrison) was the ideal of a popular favorite.

Appointing candidates is precisely the kind of undemocratic elitism that Canadians want to see ended in politics.

Spokesman for the WTO, Mr. Keith Rockwell, at a media briefing at the end of the meeting of the organisation, said: โ€œThe candidate that had the best chance of attaining a consensus of membership is Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria.

The two most prominent candidates were Cairns's friend Campbell Fraser, then Professor of Logic in the New College, Edinburgh, and Professor James Frederick Ferrier of St. Andrews.

Trumpโ€™s speech came as Democrats in South Carolina headed to the polls to decide which candidate should be the partyโ€™s presidential nominee.

In 1796, the Presidential candidates were Adams and Jefferson, for one or the other of whom every elector voted,the votes for Burr, in this instance thirty in number, being, as before, only for the Vice-Presidency.

The Conservative candidate is the federal incumbent for HKLB, vying for re-election Oct. 21 after having been first elected as MP in 2015.

However, in this particular presidential election, the left did not have the luxury of selecting our perfect candidate (if such a person could be found) when the major opposing candidate was a demagogue with an unnervingly faithful fan base.

Both candidates were veteran military pilots.

The youngest candidate on the list is 40-year-old Rotimi Adeleye Akindejoye, the flag bearer of the Accord party; while 67-year-old Joshua Oluwafemi Adewole of the Action Alliance (AA) is the oldest.

Backed by NEA and OrbiMed, Imara's sole candidate is an oral, once-a-day therapy entering Phase 2b trials in the coming months.

He got the six votes, but our candidate never became president.

The Whig candidate was General Taylor, the victor of Buena Vista.

It has been conjectured that the allusion is to Samuel Rowley; but a more likely candidate for the honour is Ralph Rowley, who is known to have been a Fellow of Pembroke Hall.

The Medicines Companyโ€™s lead product candidate is inclisiran, an RNA-interference (RNAi) drug for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and familial hypercholesterolemia.

The ideal candidate for frost seeding is a pasture field that is "run out".

The candidates, in alphabetical order, are Mr. Scott Reid and Mr. Perry Trimper.

Another very popular candidate for species/abundance distribution is the lognormal.

The candidate who is emerging as the favourite is shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer.

The unwritten, as well as the written laws of the Order, require that the candidate shall be neither a fool nor an idiot, but that he shall possess a discreet judgment, and be in the enjoyment of all the senses of a man.

The two foremost candidates for the prize were Cecilia and Leonora.

Other candidates for the third place are Chaucer and Spenser.


It frequently happened that the candidate chosen was a member of the family of the dead emperor, and there were three or four families which had many rulers chosen from among their number.

The candidates are Angie Bredehoft, Jason Lohman and Stephanie Miller.

The successful candidate must be able to respond to on-call within โ€ฆ Knowledge of basic mathematics and chemistry to make calculations for chemical and โ€ฆ

The process of reaching the examination centre itself can be a major source of contracting the infection, and candidates may become vectors carrying the virus to their homes, it said.

A candidate is also an artificial thing.

Ideal candidates are teams of skilled tradespersons who are experienced in cutting โ€ฆ

The executives are also asking for a declaration that, the partyโ€™s purported nomination and approval of the MP as a parliamentary candidate is a blatant disregard of the NPPโ€™s constitution, illegal, void, and of no effect.

The two main candidates were Juan Evo Morales Ayma of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) Party, and Jorge Quiroga, leader of the Democratic and Social Power (PODEMOS) Party and former head of the Acciรณn Democrรกtica Nacionalista (ADN) Party.

So far, the only announced Democratic candidates for statewide offices are veterinarian Shelly Lenz, of Dickinson, for governor and former legislative candidate Zack Raknerud, of Minot, for U.S. House.

The candidate when elected becomes the creature of the district and not the ruler of a StateHe is and must be devoted to the interest of that portion of the community which has elected him, and their views and schemes must be patronized though they oppose the welfare of the whole.

At first the electoral votes did not state whether the candidates named in them were candidates for the presidency or for the vice-presidency.

One such reliable candidate is Wardour Streetโ€™s Orient, where diners can tuck into a specially curated a la carte menu for the lunar new year.

The House then expelled himand, indeed, it could scarcely do anything else after such defianceand Mr. Labouchere moved for a new writ, declaring that Northampton was ready, its "candidate was Charles Bradlaugh, expelled this House."

We quickly find out whether a candidate is all hat and no ranch,โ€ said Dick Henry, a 72-year-old energy consultant who routinely attends house parties.

The 2020 presidential race candidates are President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

In this ceremony the candidate becomes the representative of a spiritual corner-stone.

A PhD candidate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Neal is also an author and editor (Dear Cancer, The Anthology) and a producer of balls, poetry readings, fashion shows, and comedy showcases.

The candidate must be an Indian national or a subject of Bhutan or Nepal, Tibetan refugee came over to India before January 1, 1962, with the intention of permanently settling in India.

The hon. member makes the assertion that every candidate who is on the list of 180-200 for surgery is an emergency.

Candidates must be actual residents of the districts from which they are nominated.

Trump mocks Biden while crowd chants 'Lock him up' Donald Trump has ridiculed election rival Joe Biden at a rally in Arizona,while a crowd called for the Democratic presidential candidate to be 'lockedup'.

Reporting directly to the Director of M&A, Club & Hospitality Group, the ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, driven, focused and dynamic individual with effective business-to-business sales skills.

He implied that the campaign was not being straight-up, that only his candidate was the real choice and that Conservatives were playing political games.

A promising candidate for this role is silicon nanocrystals (Si-nc) formed in a matrix of silicon oxide.

Candidates may not be full time students.

The natural candidate was our highest non-commissioned officer, who was favoured by the company's commander.

Aro complained that the PDP never called any witness from the examination body to substantiate its claim that the APC candidate was not the owner of the certificate he tendered for his election.

The Raiders also could look to help the pass rush by upgrading the interior of their defense, with an ideal candidate being New York Giants defensive tackle and impending free agent Leonard Williams.

The candidates were Turner, Cankrein, Cleasby, and Mr Gordon.

All candidates must be customer service oriented with excellent written/verbal English communication skills.

Ideal candidates are community and business leaders who are philanthropic, ambitious, socially active, resourceful, goal oriented, and passionate about making a difference in the lives of people suffering from blood cancers.

Candidates must be natives of Newfoundland or have attended school here for at least two years, and have been accepted by the University for enrolment in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Backed by NEA and OrbiMed, Imara's sole candidate is an oral, once-a-day therapy entering Phase 2b trials in the coming months.

At the local elections of 2009, the SPD's candidate Reinhard PaรŸ became the new mayor.

The other three candidates are Cindy Otteson, former Vice President of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council; Raquel Zamora, a teacher; and John Jimenez, who has run for this seat before.

Bidenโ€™s team has largely relied on advertising to communicate its message, however, because the candidate himself has not been a regular presence in North Carolina โ€” or anywhere โ€” during the pandemic.

Sir William Gull has remarked that those candidates for the Indian Civil Service who are members of large families are on the whole the strongest.

The successful candidate was Benedict XIV.] Harry, what luck the Chancellor has!

The successful candidate will be an excellent communicator who encourages creativity and who helps the University community to achieve its research goals.

The office was that of representative in the state legislature, and the candidates were a hatter and a saddler; the former was also a militia major, and a Methodist preacher, of the Percival and Gordon school, who eschewed the devil and all the backsliding abominations of the flesh, as in duty bound.

The North Charleston, South Carolina, crowd lapped it up when Trump sought their participation in an informal poll to determine which Democratic candidate would be the best opponent for him.

One leading candidate is an almost 400-page water resources bill that targets $10 billion for 46 Army Corps of Engineers flood control, environmental and coastal protection projects.

Our ideal candidate is an ace problem solver and a learner at heart.

In 1796, the Presidential candidates were Adams and Jefferson, for one or the other of whom every elector voted,the votes for Burr, in this instance thirty in number, being, as before, only for the Vice-Presidency.

Our candidate in Akure Kingdom is Akeredolu because we love justice and equity.

that although the Democratic candidate was McClellan, a soldier who had won the affection of the men serving under him, and the opposing candidate was a civilian, a substantial majority of the vote of the soldiers was given to Lincoln.

The only other candidate we could consider backing is Clive Lewis. though the choice may not be open if he fails to get the requisite number of PLP nominations.

The third candidate was Martin Van Buren, already once President.

Candidates must be resourceful, team players who are excellent at multi-tasking with the ability to conceptualize and design in broadcast, print, and web media.

One candidate who had that conversation with himself and decided to pull out on Saturday night was Tom Steyer โ€” the billionaire who dropped more than $20 million of his own cash in South Carolina but looks set to come a distant third place.

In this election the candidate associated with Adams by the Federalists was Charles Cotesworth Pinckney of South Carolina.

A second candidate is the highly regarded former senior diplomat Nawaf Salam.

Our services range from quality assurance (QA) to translation and customer service โ€ฆ The chosen candidate must either be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident โ€ฆ

In almost every case, he knew, the candidate must make a dozen different "deals" to secure votes, might promise the same office to two or three different leaders, force others into line by threats, send a trusted agent to another with a roll of bank billsthe recipient of which would immediately conclude that this candidate was the only man in the State who could save the nation from destruction.

He had at first stood for the borough in 1868, and had received 1086 votes; on February 5th, 1874, he received 1653 votes, and of these 1060 were plumpers; the other candidates were Messrs. Merewether, Phipps, Gilpin, and Lord Henley; Mr. Merewether had 12 plumpers; Mr. Phipps, 113; Mr. Gilpin, 64; Lord Henley, 21.

In this country the regulation is general, that the candidate must be twenty-one years of age.

We know that candidate is Pete."

What makes so many candidates of jamb fail jamb is their inability to easily grasp and understand the basics of this syllabus and how they can also apply and utilize the little they read and where thought in class rooms.

โ€œThe best candidates to buy Palm might be a Chinese or Japanese company wanting to get in the smartphone market, but realistically what would they buy?โ€ asked Jack Gold, principal analyst at J.Gold Associates.

He confirmed that a candidate could be a legal mind, though it could also be someone who had experience in dealing with procedural and statutory issues, such as a former municipal clerk.

If fact, the two defeated candidates of the opposition can be assets to their party.

Another big candidate missing from the stage is former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

This defect will be remedied only when a rational method of regulating the supply of teachers is established, so that each candidate may be certain that, if she qualifies, she will be guaranteed employment.

โ€ฆ skills, to drive your career development, embraces diversity and rewards innovation, with โ€ฆ An ideal candidate must be a self-starter and able to work โ€ฆ

Two candidates for president this year are current Studentsโ€™ Union vice-presidents and one is a councillor for Studentsโ€™ Council.

Mr Sam said the candidate has been a polling agent, an assembly woman for Awoshie, a polling station executive (Delegate), as well as a staunch, long standing member of the party.

that although the Democratic candidate was McClellan, a soldier who had won the affection of the men serving under him, and the opposing candidate was a civilian, a substantial majority of the vote of the soldiers was given to Lincoln.

The candidates are Sir J. Beckett, Littleton, G. Bankes, Wynn of course.

Campaigning on Sunday for byelection at Dabra town, from where Imarti Devi, a former Congress minister, is contesting on ticket, Nath said his partyโ€™s candidate was a simple person unlike his opponent who is an โ€œitemโ€.

Here are Waye Mason's (Candidate for Councillor, Halifax South Downtown) answers to our questions.

The ideal candidates for sharing are neighbours who each have only one computer (and thus no need to enable file sharing), each with their own firewall.

The two most prominent candidates were Cairns's friend Campbell Fraser, then Professor of Logic in the New College, Edinburgh, and Professor James Frederick Ferrier of St. Andrews.

These candidates and national councilors are Martina Diesner-Wais, Alois Kainz, Martin Litschauer, Gรผnter Steindl and Herbert Kolinsky.

No, the outstanding candidate to succeed McDonnell is Yvette Cooper, a former chief secretary to the Treasury and Work and Pensions Secretary under Gordon Brown.

In the Ahiman Rezon published by Laurence Dermott in 1764, and adopted for the government of the Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons in England, and many of the Provincial Grand and subordinate lodges of America, the regulation is laid down that candidates must be "men of good report, free-born, of mature age, not deformed nor dismembered at the time of their making, and no woman or eunuch."

This week, global drugmakers Pfizer and BioNTech said their COVID-19 vaccine candidate is 95 per cent effective, including in adults over 65 years of age.