20 Metaphors for canoes

"The canoe is our ally, and, knowing that we want the warriors to pass us, it lingers a bit to call them on.

They interpret dreams by a system of symbols, 'a canoe is ill luck,' and 'dreams go by contraries.']

A canoe is the most graceful, the most sensitive, the most inexplicable contrivance of man.

Before eight o'clock old Punk had the camp to himself, Cathcart and Hank were far along the trail that led westwards, while the canoe that carried Défago and Simpson, with silk tent and grub for two days, was already a dark speck bobbing on the bosom of the lake, going due east.

As the desire to send it was quite spontaneous on Otoo's part, and as the canoe was a very fine specimen of native work, the refusal was given with great regret.

"The canoe is our chance.

Next day, just after high noon, a canoe came round a point of land about a league away, and the men in it, who had met the traders, said they would come in two days, which they did.

On they swept, dotting the whole breadth of the river, and growing larger every instant, while far away on the southern bend, the Iroquois canoe was a mere moving dot which had shot away to the farther side and lost itself presently under the shadow of the trees.

The native canoe made from the single trunk of a forest giant is the craft that has been used.

The canoe was an old patched-up affair, and while one of the natives was standing up with a foot on each gunwale, a previous fracture in the bow, united only by pitch, gave way, and a piece of the side, four feet long, came out, allowing the water to rush in.

Canoes are bad things in storms.

A darling little canoe which carries two oars and a steersman, and rejoices in the appropriate title of the 'Dolphin,' is my especial vessel; and with Jack's help and instructions, I contrived this evening to row upwards of half a mile, coasting the reed-crowned edge of the island to another very large rice mill, the enormous wheel of which is turned by the tide.

They remained with us three hours, during the greater part of which their canoe was absent catching fish.

" "It has all the appearance of a canoe, Dagaeoga, and since the only canoe on this part of the lake is our canoe, then our canoe it is.

We were abroad upon a lake in the full moonwe were lost upon a mountaintwice a canoe upsetthere were the usual jests about cooking.

Two canoes would be a good arrangement for from five to seven men, with at least one steersman and two paddlers to each canoe.

The light canoe, and a vessel of heavy burthen, were different objects!

" The canoe was now not more than fifty feet in front of them, moving steadily farther and farther from land before the wind that blew out of the west, but, sitting upright on the waters like a thing of life, bearing its precious freight.

When the canoe was ready, the corpse, wrapped in blankets, was brought out, and laid in it on mats previously spread.

" "Canoes and periogues" of wood were their usual means of conveyance by water.

20 Metaphors for  canoes