28 Metaphors for carded

The third card was a casualty report, signed, probably, by the company captain, with the three printed words "slightly wounded," "wounded," and "severely wounded."

Had the obstructive card been a six-spot of clubs instead of a seven-spot, victory was mine.

There was a king of diamonds in the scattered pack of cards upon the table, and yet the card which Lambert held, in consequence of which he had just won two hundred pounds, was also the king of diamonds.

"The cards are all queens to you.

She looked and found that it was the queen of diamonds she held so tightly; but, looking again to reassure herself, she was astonished to find that the card was the jack of clubs.

A white card on which was written this command was his reward: "It is necessary that you come to the embassy at once.

The card in question was a little matter of two hundred pounds owing from Swiney to Rich, and the latter fondly believed that this loan would bind the debtor to him as with hooks of steel.

She hastened with it to the door,Madeline had just stept into the street, "This card is yours, I presume, Miss Splurge?" Madeline turned upon her with a surprised air, inquiringly,looked in her own hands, and shook her handkerchief with the quick, nervous, alarmed movement of one who suddenly discovers a very particular loss,became, in an instant, pale as death, stared for a moment at Miss Wimple with fixed eyes, and slightly shivered.

In fact, from the tone of our conversation, I should have imagined that cards were an amusement which scarcely entered into Mr. Selingman's scheme of life.

Evening once closed in, cards were the only occupation of Mme.

Drawing cards is one thing and playing the hand out is a cat with another kind of tail.

"Cards are the bane of thousands.

He must be always trying to get the better in something or other:that this passion can scarcely be more safely expended than upon a game at cards: that cards are a temporary illusion; in truth, a mere drama; for we do but play at being mightily concerned, where a few idle shillings are at stake, yet, during the illusion, we are as mightily concerned as those whose stake is crowns and kingdoms.

Cards were much the mode of the day, and an hour or more was given to them; then as the metheglin (a delicious beverage made of honey) and the mulled wine was passed, the younger portion of the company began moving through the suite of three rooms, breaking up into small groups as they did so.

The visiting cards of gentlemen are half the size of those used by ladies.

Green bayberry dips in the simplest of low tin candlesticks lighted the table and at each cover the place-card was a little outline map of Cape Cod with the situation of the summer camp conspicuously marked.

She would argue thus:Cards are warfare: the ends are gain, with glory.

For with them she was pleased enough, but only delighting to bite at them, and flip them about with her paws, and never considering for a moment whether they were diamonds or clubs, or hearts, or spades or whether the card was an ace or not.

The card was blank belowbut once certainly it had been read.

Cards were the weapons he had used.

This card I presented with a graceful flourish of the arm to the proprietor of the establishment, whilst I said with that lofty self-assurance which is one of my finest attributes and which I have never seen equalled: "M. le Marquis is my friend.

On the true construction of the Finance Acts, 1894-1916, do you consider that a sugar card is "Free Personal Property," or "Settled Property," or "An Estate by itself," or "Property

But cards are war, in disguise of a sport: when single adversaries encounter, the ends proposed are too palpable.

"Now," he said to Mitchell, "what'll you bet the next card isn't the knave of hearts?"

Formerly the cards were solely our diversion; but they have taken them away from us.

28 Metaphors for  carded