7 Metaphors for carls

Carl is a merchant in New York, Ned is a clerk in a bank, and Willie is studying at a place called Harvard.

But when his father, after Carl had been eight years in the school, asked his teachers what they thought of him, they told him flatly that he might make a good tailor or shoemaker, but a ministernever; he was too stupid.

So satisfactorily was this work done that Carl had really become the manager of this part of the farm's obligations.

Jack was bright and clever, Ned was a wag, Willie was a book-worm, and Carl was a born trader.

Up till then Carl had merely been a lodger in the house.

When Carl at length became strong and commenced labor, he hoped speedily to claim his betrothed, and was waiting a favorable opportunity to obtain her father's consent to their marriage.

Katrine, however, was convinced of the truth of her former suspicion, that Carl was a victim of Schönfeld's craft; and her rejection of his proposal was pointed with an indignation which she took no pains to conceal.

7 Metaphors for  carls